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[Working] How to Access Locked Twitter Account with These Easy Steps

Is your Twitter account is locked or suspended? There could be many reasons behind this including violation of Twitter rules. Twitter has recently announced that it will now start showing a banner on profiles that are locked or suspended. So, if you have seen such a banner or your account is locked or suspended by Twitter, we are here to help. In this article, I will tell you how to get back locked or suspended Twitter account in easy steps.

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Get Back Locked or Suspended Twitter Account

Twitter doesn't directly suspend an account unless it has violated some of the rules set by the company. Also, there are some types of restrictions it imposes on accounts based on the violation. Read here all details regarding Twitter account restriction and how to get back your account.

Types of Twitter Account Restrictions

Twitter has basically three ways to restrict account access from users. The first is limited which is not so concerning, the second is locked which can be unlocked, and the third one is suspended which is not easy to get back. Following are the details:

Limited access account

In this type of restriction, Twitter stops you from main activities on its platform including tweeting, retweeting, and liking. This restriction remains for a limited period of time and Twitter lifts this automatically.

Locked account

Twitter locks your account if it finds any suspicious activity or a security issue on your account such as entering the wrong password too many times. In this case, Twitter asks you to file a report completing its requirements, such as verifying your email address or phone number used on Twitter or verifying your DOB by submitting any ID.

Suspended account

If your account is suspended by Twitter, it means you are banned on Twitter. Sometimes it is temporary and can be lifted. When it is permanent, then it's a serious matter and it happens because of posting fake news, using a fake account, impersonating someone, harassing, and violating any other such rule. However, you can still appeal to lift it.

Get back limited access account

As mentioned above, limited access accounts regain their access automatically. The time depends on the type of violation, but usually, if your account gets limited restriction, it can get back to normal from three to seven days. It may also take longer sometimes.

Get back a locked account

Twitter communicates with you via email or shows you a warning when your account is locked. This includes the reason behind that restriction as well as further steps to recover your account.  If your account is locked due to any other reason, here's how to regain it:

1. Twitter will send you a link to a form. Open that form and fill in your details including username, full name, and email address.

2. Now, upload one of your government-issued IDs including your passport, Driving License, or Birth Certificate (in case of age limit requirement).

3. Once you submit these documents, you will get an email from Twitter on your registered email address that your ID is being reviewed.

When they are done with the review, you will receive another email that your account access is restored now, and you can start using your Twitter account once again.

Get back Suspended Twitter Account

If your Twitter account is suspended permanently, you won't be able to use anything. However as mentioned above, you can still make an appeal for a suspended account. Though there are very few chances to recover a permanently suspended Twitter account.

But you can still try by filing an appeal:

1. Go to the Twitter account help page or this URL-

2. Select the issue with your Twitter account, a description of the problem, your username, full name, email address, and phone number which is optional.

3. Click on the Continue button to submit your appeal form.

That's it. Twitter will take a few days to review your appeal and will respond accordingly.

These were the ways to access your locked Twitter account. You should better follow the guidelines recommended by the social media giant in order to keep your account active. You should also know why exactly Twitter suspends or locks accounts.

Why Twitter Locks/Suspends Accounts?

There could be any reason behind this- the first and most important being not following the Twitter rules. Following are some reasons why Twitter locks, suspends, or restricts accounts.

Spamming through Twitter Account

If Twitter finds an account doing spamming, it will restrict that account. Some examples of spamming are- tweeting adults, illegal links, retweeting or replying to the same tweet several times, and sending fake promotional messages to multiple accounts.

Suspicious Activity

If you enter the wrong password on your account several times, it may lock your account.

Someone Reports Abuse

If someone reports your account for abusing on Twitter, it may also cause locking of your account.

Age Requirements

If you do not fulfill the age requirement recommended by Twitter, it will lock your account. The minimum age requirement for creating an account on Twitter is 13 years.

This was all about getting back locked or suspended Twitter account. Stay tuned for more such tips and tricks!

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