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2 Ways to Turn Off Instagram Story Comments or Replies

Want to turn off spam and annoying comments? You have come to the right place. If you are an emerging Instagram creator and receive a lot of comments on your stories, and are tired of spammers and abusers. In this read, we will discuss turning off comments in your Instagram story. Meanwhile, you can learn to turn Off Comments On Facebook Stories.

How to Turn Off Instagram Story Comments or Replies

If you are facing unwanted comments and spam on your Instagram story, and want to disable such comments, we will help you in that direction. To disable comments on Instagram, follow the methods given below.

Turn off replies

The simple method to remove or hide comments from a story is to turn off comments and replies to a post. It can be done, from the settings of the Instagram app. Here’s how it can be done:

1. Go to the Instagram app (Android, iOS) and switch to your profile menu at the bottom right section.

2. Now tap on the Hamburger menu at the top right section.

turn off Instagram story comments

3. In the hamburger menu, select Settings.

4. Now under the Settings section, tap on Privacy.

turn off Instagram story comments

5. Here, you need to tap on Story.

turn off Instagram story comments

6. Now, you can change the allow messages to Off from Everyone, under Replying section.

Share your Instagram story with some close friends to limit replies

The next method you can try is to limit the number of people who can see your Instagram stories. It can be done while, sharing the story on Instagram. Here’s how:

1. Open Instagram and tap on +icon near your profile.

2. Now, select a photo/video to be shared as Instagram Story.

turn off Instagram story comments

3. After selecting the photo, tap on the Next arrow to proceed.

4. On the share screen, set the privacy to Close Friends.

turn off Instagram story comments

5. If you haven’t selected your Closed friends, then you need to select your close friends first to share stories.

6. After selecting friends, simply tap on the Share button to share it with your selected friends.

turn off Instagram story comments


Q: How to turn off comments on Instagram stories?

A: You can follow the steps mentioned above to turn off the comments on your Instagram story.

Q: How do you make it so people can’t reply to your Instagram story?

A: You can limit your story viewer ship, by adjusting the privacy settings, or you can turn off comments on your Instagram story.

Wrapping Up

In the above read, we discussed the methods of disabling or limiting comments on your Instagram Stories. I hope you found this useful, if you did, make sure to share it. Check out other tips linked below, and stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such tech tips.

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