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4 Free Ways to Auto-Dub Videos to Another Language Using AI

AI is the newest trend in the digital world and has proven to be very useful in making tasks simpler and faster. One such avenue is dubbing videos from one language to another. Previously, it required either a trained professional or complicated software. But now, AI can help with that. In this blog post, we will check out some AI tools that can help you auto-dub videos from one language to another for free.

Auto-Dub Videos using AI for Free

How Do I Auto-Dub Videos Using AI?

Dubbing can be essential when content from one language needs to be translated into another. Thanks to AI, what was previously difficult is now easier than ever. Here, we will discuss four AI tools that can auto-dub videos for free.

Method 1 – ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is a very popular tool that offers translations across 29 languages in a simple-to-use interface. It can automatically transcribe your video, translate it, and synthesize it into speech using AI. You can also edit the transcript and the voice settings, such as gender, pitch, and speed. Here is how to use this ElevenLabs to auto-dub your videos.

1. Go to the ElevenLabs Website on a web browser.

ElevenLabs AI Dubbing and Video Translator

2. Input the “Source” and “target” languages and upload the video to be dubbed.

ElevenLabs AI Dubbing and Video Translator tool

3. Once the video is uploaded, click “Dub it!

Dub it button highlighted

4. You will be asked to log in or create a new account. Follow the steps required and log in with an account.

5. After logging in, click on “Dubbing.”

Dubbing options of ElevenLabs AI Dubbing and Video Translator

6. Enter a name for the project. Select the “Source” and “Target” languages and upload the video.

7. Click on “Create.”

Create Dubbed video

8. Wait for the video to be processed, then click “Download” to save the dubbed video onto your system.

Download Dubbed video

Method 2 – HEI.IO is another platform that automatically dubs videos in over 40 languages, generating subtitles that can be converted into speech using natural-sounding voices. You can also edit the subtitles and voice settings to suit your preferences. Here is how to use to auto-dub videos.

1. Go to the website and click “Start Free Trial Now.”

Start Free Trail on the website

2. Sign up for a new account.

Sign up to create an account

3. After signing in, click on “Skip Tutorial.” If you wish to see the tutorial, click on the video.

Skip Tutorial

4. Click on “Create new Voiceover Video.”

Create new voiceover video

5. Upload the file and select the original language, number of speakers, and language for the voiceover. Then click on “Submit.”

6Wait for the translation to be complete.

7. A popup will appear asking if you want to explore the features. Click on “Skip the Tutorial“.

Skip tutorial of other features

8. Click “Set speakers voice” to change the voice used for the dub.

Set speaker voice from bottom right

9. Click “Voice clone” and choose from the Standard Voices for free.

10. Once you decide on the voice, click “Start dubbing” and wait for the video to be dubbed.

11. After the dubbing is over, click on “Export.”

Export video button on top right

12. Choose from the export settings options and click “Export file.”

Export file button in blue

13. Wait for the video to be generated.

14. Click “Download Video” to save the file to your PC.

Download video button in blue

Method 3 – Kapwing

The next powerful online video in the list is the Kapwing editor, which can automatically transcribe, translate, and synthesize speech using AI. There are options to edit the transcript and voice settings. Follow these steps to auto-dub videos using Kapwing.

1. Go to the Kapwing website and click “Start dubbing.”

Start Dubbing on Kapwing website

2. In the workspace, upload the video you want to dub in a different language.

Upload video UI on the right

3. Once the video is uploaded, click “Subtitles” in the tab on the left side.

Subtitles tab in the left pane

4. Click “Auto subtitles” to auto-generate subtitles for the uploaded video.

Auto Subtitles box in the left pane

5. Select the original language and the language to which the video needs to be translated.

6. Once the subtitles are generated, click “Smart Tools.”

Smart tools tab

7. Select the “Translate Audio” option from the list.

Translate audio tab under smart tools

8. Choose the appropriate voice for the dubbing.

Select voice model

9. Click on “Translate Audio” to begin auto-dubbing.

Translate Audio button in blue

10. Wait for the process to complete.

12. Once the auto-dubbing is complete, click “Export Project.”

Export Project button in top right

13. Select the format and resolution per the requirement and click “Export as.”

14. After the export, click download to save the file to your system.

Method 4 – MAESTRA.AI lets you auto-dub videos in over 80 languages. It can automatically generate subtitles and convert them into speech with high-quality voices. You can edit the subtitles and voice settings, and once you’re satisfied, download or share the auto-dubbed file.

Here are the steps to auto-dub videos using

1. Go to the website and click “Start dubbing.”

Choose file button to upload the file

2. Choose the “Spoken” and “Target” languages and click on “Upload File.”

4. Once the file is ready, click “Synthesize Audio.”

Synthesis Audio button in blue above the subtitles

5. Select the appropriate voice from the options and click “Synthesize.”

Synthesize button in blue in bottom right of the window

6. After the dubbing is complete, click on “Export.”

Export button in blue at top right

7. In the options, select “Media” and choose the file type as MP4. 

Select the file format

8. Once the file is ready, click “Download” to save the file to your PC.

Download video button in blue


As we can see, what was once a tedious process is now simpler than ever, thanks to AI. Auto-dubbing can help your videos be more accessible to a wider audience. In this read, we went through the steps involved in using four different AI tools that can auto-dub videos for free. Upload the video or enter the URL, select the source and target language, and customize subtitles and voice settings to your liking. It’s that simple.

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