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Unboxing New Kube MP3 Player Hands on Review Launched at CES 2013

Kube MP3 Player, the tiniest and the coolest MP3 player with awesome Sound, is a Nano- sized-22mm square MP3 player with a large sound without compromising on quality. It is so beautiful and made to provide a style statement without saying it to the word. This MP3 Player won’t show the songs that are coming up, nor does it really let you skip around, but that’s not much for the rivals like Ipod Shuffle and Archos Clipper to beat this MP3 Player.

The controls on the Kube are pretty self-explanatory. A pause/play button round the back, and skip forward and back buttons on either side. You need to hold down on the relevant button to turn the volume up or down. The only thing this MP3 Player lack is it cannot quite Apple’s ace shake to shuffle feature.


This Mp3 player has one really awesome feature that is its expandable memory. This phone have A microSD slot with which you can pump the Kube’s storage up to an iPod shuffle-bashing 32GB. It also has a special USB key with microSD slot in the box, so adding tracks from your PC is like a child’s play. With this memory you are capable to store around 8000 songs easily. This phone also supports most of the Audio format available in the market.

At such a low price and with expandable memory, it’s difficult to argue against the Kube as a first time MP3 player. But since it is lacking in few features like Shake to shuffle and some awkward controlling option and box shape, this MP3 player could fine it challenging to Compete against the Big time players.

It comes with earphones, an SD adapter, a USB Cable and a handy little manual. And you can purchase it for $34.99 as it has been introduced with the price tag of £15. We have just done the unboxing of new kube mp3 player package we got from CES 2013, you can watch the video below.

Hands on New Kube MP3 Sound Player Unboxing Video


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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