Wammy titan 2 as most of us know is the enhanced version of previous wammy titan and both of these phones comes from Wickedleak, we have already done a quick specs review of wammy titan 2 this phablet with a screen size of 5.3 inches which comes with a flip-cover inside it’s box. It is available at 13,990. It powered with a MTK 6589 quad core processor of 1.2 GHz with 1 GB RAM DDR3 which is decent and outruns some of its contenders. The screen size as described earlier is of 5.3 inches with the resolution of 540×960. The screen is also equipped with capacitive touch and multi-point (5 points) touch and it has dual sim capability.


Box Contents

Inside the box you get Wammy Titan 2, Battery – 2300mAh, White flip cover, Standard Quality Headphones, USB to MicroUSB cable, Power Charger and additional screen protector with a cleaning cloth.


See the unboxing detailed overview of Wammy titan 2 below see all these accessories which comes with this device.

Check Out: Detailed Specs of Wammy Titan 2

Wammy Titan 2 Photo Gallery


Build Quality, Design and Form Factor

The build of the wammy titan 2 is quite good, it feels really solid in hands and can also resist to few drops from regular 4-5 foot height without any issues, design wise it looks similar to Note 2 and S3 from the first look anyone can get confused considering it as a samsung phone, it has a nice branding of wickedleak at the backside.


It has the same plastic back cover as you see on samsung phones, as you can see in the image above. The form factor of the phone is comparable to a Note 2 but it is slightly heavier than Note 2 but its not very heavy.

Display, Memory, Battery Backup

It has got qHD display with resolution 540×960. The screen is also equipped with capacitive touch and multi-point (5 points) touch which is as sensitive as any other phone and the display is also visible while using the phone in sunlight. You have around 1.44 Gb available out of 4GB of internal storage and you can can expand the storage using 32 Gb SD memory card maximum and yes you can install apps in SD card as preferred install location can be set and it has 1 Gb of RAM which was quite good to make phone faster during our review we did not faced lag in UI or while playing games. We got around 1 day or battery backup on the phone with moderate usage like browsing web, playing some graphic games, listening music around 15 minutes and watched few youtube videos, the battery is 2300 mAh but its 3000 mAh written on the box which is wrong.


Software, Benchmarks and Gaming

It runs on android 4.1 out of the box and 4.2 has been pushed for this device, the wammy titan 2 new units comes preloaded with 4.2 and other units with the consumers can be upgraded to 4.2 with over the air updates. One the benchmarks scores we have got the following scores.

Benchmark Scores for Wammy Titan 2

  • Quadrant Standard Edition: 3780
  • Antutu Benchmark: 12739
  • Nenamark2: 50.1 fps.
  • Multi Touch: 5 point.

The above scores are quite good and we played some graphic intensive games like Dead Trigger, Asphalt 7 and we did not faced lag in graphics and the casual games work fine.

Rear and Front Camera

Wammy titan 2 has got a 5 MP front camera which is really good and provide high quality of video while doing video chatting and the back camera on the device is 8MP and its capable of recording HD video at 720p max resolution and it does pretty good job in daylight and in low light its quite impressive.

Front 5 MP Camera Video Test

Rear 8MP Camera Review Video

Wammy Titan 2 8MP Rear Camera Photo Samples


Sound, Video Playback and Navigation

The sound from the loudspeaker and earpiece was loud and pretty clear, it can play videos at 720p and 1080p without any problem and navigation also worked using the assisted GPS so when you use GPS navigation make sure to turn on GPS EPO assistance and assisted GPs under location services.

Wammy Titan 2 Full Review [Video]

Coming soon…


This phone is a decent choice when it comes to cheap phablets and it is a direct competitor to micromax a116 which is the most popular device these days, but the display resolution on wammy titan 2 is lower but still it’s a nice display with good viewing angles and moreover it comes with some great things inside the package and its much cheaper than A116.

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  1. Tell me with your own experience, is wicked leak phones (Titan II) are worth buying? like in durability and long lasting like samsung phones.., i’ve been using samsung phone for almost two years and it never caused a problem. Please reply soon I am planning to buy a new phone, less than 15k. And need a phone witch can play almost every game like FIFA 12. Is this phone worth buying?

      • Thanks for answering the question.., but do u really think that wickedleak phone will run for more than 1 year? as I am not a heavy buyer of phones…

  2. Hi pls let me know if this shoot video in 1080 as described in weakedleak page or 720 p as per u. I want to buy big screen more than 5 inch but those zopo guys cant give on credit card…only online payment through net banking. Was interested in 5.7 950+ as they said they woould be opening repair store in Nehru place Delhi. Pls suggest me which one to opt for wammy titan 2 or zopo 950+. I have canvas HD but cant install anything on external sd and the screen is smaller. Reply me.

    • we recorded the video at max resolution and the video was 720p, both wammy titan 2 and zopo 950 are good and almost similar except for the display – you get bigger display on zopo 950 but Hd resolution 1280×720 and on titan 2 you get lesser size display with qHD resolution.

      • Sir,
        Pls let me know if wammy titan 2 is exactly the size of note 1 in both length wise and breadth wise.Or is it just big in length and same as canvas HD in breadth. I was dissapointed with the size of canvas HD as well. 5 inch only in length. Breadth is small unlike samsung grand which looks big and classy. My canvs HD looks like any other 4.7 inch phone. And the biggest probs is its internal memrory. I dont want to root my phone either. Zopo 950+ 16GB….17000rs. Now thats quite disgusting. And 4 GB one 16500 including shipping charges….itna chalak kyon hai yaar. So trying for wammy titan 2. Else pls suggest me any phone above 5.3 inch.

    • in low light its good if not the best – you can check out the camera samples or our full review in this post.

  3. Check On the review first photo where you are holding he phone in day light. Display is not clearly visible in day light. Please clarify.

  4. Hi Abhishek,

    Really liked your video. I wanted an urgent help of yours if you could do review of wammy titan 2 & wammy passion both with updated 4.2 jelly bean and confirm how is the performance of both phones along with gaming reviews and multitasking and touch response…Many thanks in advance…reply soon so i would buy either of phone based on your review.

      • Hi Abhishek,

        Many many thanks for your prompt response. I will surely watch those videos. But as a sound technical person can you please let me know which would be the best performance wise with no lags from wammy titan 2 and wammy passion.

      • Hi Abhishek,

        I have just saw the video for wammy passion y hd gaming. But can u also share some wammmy titan 2 free ram space in 4.2 jelly bean and hd gaming videos as i am not able to find that on youtube. Thanks again. Trust me your feedback will be very valuable.

          • Hi Bhavik

            I don’t have the Wammy Titan 2 with me now, so cant comment about it. But if you are thinking about getting a wammy passion any of these devices both are equally good and difference is there in display size so if you want a larger display size, you can go for wammy titan 2.

  5. Hello sir,
    I am going to buy the wammy titan 2. However, wickedleak is not heard of very much and not really renowned though they have released many tablets and phones. Will my wammy titan 2 work for more than 1 year?

  6. Hi Abhishek,

    Cant thank you enough for your reply. Finally I have decided to go with titan 2. But can you give me few details as mentioned below.
    1. Whats the free ram in 4.2 on titan 2 and is it enough to play hd games without any lag or frames.
    2. does titan 2 gives option to move apps to external sd card without rooting?
    3. Is the IPS display 960*540 gives crisp and good sharpness and colors over all?
    Thanks again for providing your valuable information

  7. Hi Abhishek,

    Not trying to trouble you but if possible can you do video of wammy titan 2 4.2 jelly review with benchmarks and performance with new features..I am sure this will be the first video which most users will be awaiting as i have searched whole youtube and websites but there is no such video for wammy titan 2 4.2 jelly bean

    • Yeah I can do it, but I don’t have the device with me, will try to get the device again if possible as that is unlikely, all I can say is that don’t worry about the performance as it always get better on the new software.

      • Much appreciated for your reply. If possible kindly do the review of 4.2 updated titan 2 and upload if you get the device. Will be eagerly waiting as there is no such video till date and i am sure if this video comes out you will get the most likes..Thanks again

      • Hi Abhishek,

        I have checked you review for passion y 4.2 and teh RAm decreased in update to arnd 460 from 670mb. So wanted to see the benchmarks and performnce of HD games on 4.2 titan 2 along with new additional features is working exceptionally well. If you could chase to grab the updated tita 2 handset and post a video..Thanks

        • Ok Stay tuned, will try my best to get the device and give you a review of this device after 4.2 update. 🙂

          • MAny many thanks Abhishek this is really awesome!!!:-)
            Also wicked leak launches Wammy passion Z

          • HI Abhishek any news on 4.2 review. Sory to bother you but my putting my hard saved money into this phone also do not have a phone to use so wanna buy asap.

          • Every day i check this webpage to get a reply. Hope to see your video soon. As based on your review in video i will buy this phone. Eagerly waiting. Thanks Abhishek.

          • I have requested for the device, should get in next few weeks. Will let you know once i have the device with me.

          • Hi Abhishek,

            Wickedleak team is taking too long to send 4.2 wammy titan 2 handset. The more i wanna but early more it is getting delayed. Abhishek is there any other way around to get this review. Many thanks for your help

          • Hi Abhishek,

            I am a regular reader of your website and reviews. If you could reply to me on my above query i would be really grateful. As i am waiting for this for a very long time if you could see my first posts for this. Thanks

          • Hi Abhi,

            Please reply and let me know the current status coz i m buying from my pocket money(saved for 8 months.Can you also advise which is the best MMX A116HD 4.2 or Wammy titan2 4.2?

          • I have got the confirmation about the device, but there is a delay of 3-4 days before I get the device.

          • Hi Abhi,

            I think i should stop visiting this page daily as i am not getting any reply..Thanks.. 🙁 🙁

  8. Hi Abhi,

    I want to buy a budget Smartphone after a couple of days…

    Can you help me sort out the best Budget Smartphone as you know there are

    upcoming Smartphones everyday. I want a Smartphone for basic needs Internet

    browsing, music, games & apps, etc. I am looking forward for a high

    Resolution camera and video playback(1080p).

    Please help me finding out the Best…

  9. Hi Abhi,

    I am disappointed big time with you. As you never replied and did not even revert for the status of my query which i have been following for months now. I thought as courtesy you would at least reply 🙁

    • Hi Bhavik

      I have been asking the wickedleak but some how they are ignoring and not sending the wammy titan 2 for review you need, i m sorry but i cant do anything in this. Please understand and stil if you are convinced about the device then 4.2 upgrade does not make much difference as per opinion.


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