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Captivating Gesture Controlled App Demonstrated at Intel’s Fourth Generation Processor Launch

Truetech Webs, a Mumbai based startup IT company, presented a very innovative technology, the fluid motion technology at Intel’s fourth generation processor launch event, which allows you to operate your computer, Television, projectors and other devices using simple hand gestures. This thrilling technology has great potential and is simple to use and moreover,these hand gestures can be easily customized according to your specific needs.


Last year leap motion presented a similar gesture based technology for operating your electronic devices and now Truetech Webs has shown a promising demo of this technology which can potentially revolutionize our computing experience in the near future. Truetech Webs has already developed various industry specific Apps, like Info app for hospitality industry (allows guest to browse through available hotel rooms) ,Image apps for retail industry ( consumers can browse through photo galleries of a product using this app) computer control boardroom app for Corporate(made for corporate presentation where an individual can give a presentation using hand gestures and present anything on his computer), 3D imaging and rendering app(which allows interaction with 3D images) and many more customized user specific Apps.

At the event Abhinav Aggarwal , the Companies Co founder and CEO, demonstrated this fluid motion technology by controlling various Apps using just his fingers. He could slice through all the fruits efficaciously while playing fruit ninja. His sword’s motion was more fluid using gestures than what we usually see with Touch.We did not see any visible lag at the demonstration. Abhinav, in reply to a query by, mentioned that though they have launched it with 4th generation Intel processors, software versions compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation processors are also available, though the performance gets better with advanced processors.

Tech Demo By Abhinav Aggarwal

Devices powered by this technology will come with an integrated depth sensing 3D camera (on which Intel has been working on). This camera will sense the motion of your gestures within a range of 3 feet, and provide infrared data which will be processed using various apps and result in gesture controlled motion.

We can expect many more customized Apps to make full use of this technology. You can order a Fluid motion technology kit for your system which will cost you from Rs. 15,000 to 20,000. This system doesn’t have any particular specific Hardware requirement and will be easy to install. You can see applications in action and pre book orders on Truetech Webs official website

Video Coverage of Exclusive Demonstration by


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