Zen Ultrafone Amaze 701 FHD is the latest flagship from Zen Mobiles. It is powered with latest 1.5 Ghz Quad Core MT 6589 Turbo chipset with PowerVR SGX 544 MP GPU running at slightly higher frequency, this phone is an upgrade to previous Zen Ultrafone 701 HD which had got quite success for the brand. In this review we tell you whether this phone is worth the money you would like to invest and how good or bad it is in different departments like Gaming, Performance and Camera Quality etc.


Zen Ultrafone 701 FHD Quick Specs

Display Size: 5 inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with 1920 x 1080 HD resolution
Processor: 1.5 GHz Quad Core MediaTek Mt6589 Turbo
RAM: 1 Gb
Software Version: Android 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean) OS
Camera: 13 MP AF camera.
Secondary Camera: 8 MP front-facing camera FF [Fixed Focus]
Internal Storage: 16 GB with approx 12 Gb user available
External Storage: MicroSD Slot Expandable up to 64GB
Battery: 2050 mAh battery Lithium Ion
Connectivity: 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, aGPS, 3.5mm audio jack, FM Radio
Others: OTG Support – No, Dual SIM – Yes, LED Indicator – Yes

Box Contents

Handset, Battery, Tangle free MicroUSB to USB Cable, Tangle Free Cable In Ear Headphones, Flip Cover Bundled With Package, 3 Screen Guards and one preinstalled in the device, USB Charger, Service Center List, User Guide for Phone.

Build Quality, Design and Form Factor

Zen Ultrafone 701 FHD from the looks like the previous 701 HD but in terms of built quality, Zen has this time user nice material which includes the combination of Magnesium metal frame with good quality of the plastic, it feels rock solid in hands and can easily survive couple of drops without any issue with the phone functionality. The design is seems to be on the same lines of Zen Ultraphone 701 HD but this time it has got some nice rounded edges which does make it easy to hold in hand and give you a nice grip as well. The form factor can be compared with any other 5 Inch display phone, it does not feel heavy and bulky. Its has thickness of around 9 mm which does not make it thin but its fairly portable to carry around and can be easily fit in jeans or trouser pocket without any issues.

Camera Performance


The rear camera on this device is 13 MP with auto focus supported and it can record 1080p video at 30 fps and the photo quality of the rear camera is quite decent in low light and in daylight it is good in terms of the colors reproduction and details. The front camera is a fixed focus but 8 MP and it can take nice quality self portrait and can be use to do a HD video chat.

Camera Samples


Display, Memory and Battery Backup

The display is a IPS LCD OGS technology based which makes it right in terms of weight and you also get sensitive and responsive touch screen. The viewing angles of the display are also quite wide and you can see the screen at extreme viewing angles as well but there will be slight fading of colors that might happen at times. The in built memory of the device is 16Gb out of which around 12Gb is available to the user for installing apps, storing picture, videos and other data. You also have the option to install apps directly on the SD card as well when ever you run out of internal storage, you can use 64Gb maximum memory card. I played dead trigger 2 on the device for 20 minutes and the battery level from by 6% and during our review we found that it can give you around 1 Day backup with moderate usage of the internet apps, watching video and playing some less graphic intensive games.

Software, Benchmarks and Gaming

The software UI is almost stock android in terms of the overall looks and there is little amount of customization in the form of some apps like Zen Ultra Zone which seems to be a third party app store for installing apps from Zen Servers. The UI is responsive but not as snappy as we have seen on Ultrafone 701 HD and mainly this is because of the Full HD resolution, but it terms of the performance on the application usage there is no issue, however the gaming performance gets affected a little specially on some graphic intensive games but not on all of them. We played Dead Trigger 2, Front line commando D day and Temple Run OZ on the device and there was no lag in these games, but we could notice some frame drops and the touch screen was responsive enough.

Benchmark Scores

  • Quadrant Standard Edition:  5497 (Good)
  • Antutu Benchmark: 14921 (Good)
  • Nenamark2:  26.6 (Low)
  • Multi Touch: 5 point

Sound, Video and Navigation

The sound which comes out from the loud speaker is good but not too loud and it might get blocked as well at time as the placement of the loudspeaker is at the back side. The sound from the ear piece is clear during calls but at low signals you might notice some disturbance in reception. It can also be used for GPS navigation with the help of assisted GPS and it does have magnetic sensor for precise navigation, the GPS locking took around 5 minutes for the us when we tried outdoors and in indoors we could not get GPS getting locked.

Zen Ultrafone 701 FHD Photo Gallery


Things We Like The Most

One thing we really like the most is the smart flip cover which comes with the device for free, it turns off the display when you close the flip part, it has a magnet inside the flip part of the flip cover and a sensor on the phone which helps in this functionality and secondly it looks exactly like S4 smart view cover and it does provide some what same functions as well to an extent. Another thing we like was the 3 extra screen protection films which comes with the device for free. One thing to note here is that you get a glossy back cover with some texture design

Zen Ultrafone 701 FHD Full In Depth Review + Unboxing [Video]

Conclusion and Price

Zen Ultrafone 701 FHD is a nice upgrade for the previous version, its available for a price of around Rs. 17,999 INR and it is pretty decent value for money device at this price point comparing it with other devices with similar hardware configuration, it does come with decent fixed 8 MP camera which we have seen for the first time in any budget android phone, it has pretty good built quality as well, feels solid and can be used for several years without any major wear and tear. But the gaming performance is not too good and the software UI is again not too fast in transitions but we assume that this can be fixed with future updates as Zen team plans to bring android 4.4 to this device as we have got to know, rest all we will see what happens.

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    • Its like any other 5 inch phone out there like canvas turbo, elife e6 etc. Its around 9mm in thickness and 140 grams in weight.

      • It is available at around Rs6000 as of now… SHould i consider buying this phone over the latest phones available at the same price …4g is not an issue for me..


  2. Hi Abhishek,

    It’s very good review, I need one clarification.

    Flip cover and extra back covers are included in package box or do we need to order it separately as I have seen in Snapdeal ( it’s only place where it’s available) they didn’t mentioned about these freebies…..please advise where I can buy with flip cover….

    • Hi Abhishek, It’s very good review, I need one clarification. Flip cover and extra back covers are included in package box or do we need to order it separately as I have seen in Snapdeal ( it’s only place where it’s available) they didn’t mentioned about these freebies…..please advise where I can buy with flip cover…. –

  3. Hi Abhishek, It’s very good review, I need one clarification. Flip cover and extra back covers are included in package box or do we need to order it separately as I have seen in Snapdeal ( it’s only place where it’s available) they didn’t mentioned about these freebies…..please advise where I can buy with flip cover…. –

    • they are included with the package, however the flip cover comes bundled with the package not inside it and same applies for the 3 extra screen gaurds.

  4. Hi Abhishek,

    Can u plz comment on the camera quality of this phone, and how does it stand with other competitors. I am greatly confused between Micromax Turbo, Zen Ultrafone FHD and Huwaei G700.

    I would finalize only with the one that offers good or great pics… eagerly waiting for your suggestion.

    • The build quality is great, however i did not liked the glossy back cover – but it comes with a smart magnetic flip cover which can turn off the display as well on the device.

      • Dear Abhishek,

        I was actually asking/inquiring about the camera quality and not the build…!

        Would appreciate if you could share more technical details about its camera under varied lighting conditions.

        Waiting for your response…

        • The camera is good in this device, does perform pretty good in day light and low light performance is also decent but not too good, you will see some grains and noise in low light photos, you will need to sure the sufficcent light falls on the subject you want to capture with the phone.

      • Hi Abhishek,

        My question was about the camera – its technical specs and the quality of pics….

        I would like to know more about how the camera performs in comparison to Micromax Turbo and Huwaei G700.

        • If you want to compare the camera, you can check out the camera samples in the full review of the both of these phones, as we have taken photos of the same object so you can easily compare them. we cant comment about the Huawei g700 as we havent reviewed it till now.

  5. I think under price tag 15000/-.it will be best buy, because there is already under 14000/- spice pinnacle fhd available.

  6. How is the Battery life of this Phone ?
    How is the Performance and Gaming of this Phone when Compared to Lenovo S920 ?

  7. Hi abhishek my budget is around 15000. i am not a android user which fone is good for daily use mmx magnus or canvas hd or galaxy core. plz reply thank you

  8. Hi Abhishek
    What about the service provided by the company? Is the service provided by the ZEN service centre is good or bad?

    • We are not sure about how good is the after sales support, but they are pretty active in tier 2-3 towns so you will get the service for sure.

  9. hello sir,im planning to buy this phone.i’m not a heavy gamer.all i need is a decent performance and multitasking without lagg.i want to know whether its good for me and does it give any particular problem even on careful useage.Thankyou.

  10. like i’ve heard about canvas turbo that it restarts automatically,it has many production defects etc etc? plz help me sir…

    • our review unit did not have those defects. But several users have complained regarding the same

  11. New Released 701 FHD AMAZE Ultraphone from ZEN is indeed a Masterpiece! really Amazed!! All @ 10k Price!!!

    1920*1080 @ 480ppi
    8MP front n 13MP rear camera,
    Clean Stock android,
    Gorilla glass OGS IPS
    Premium Device build n look
    Quality loud n clear sound,
    16GB internal,
    1.5 Quad core,

    I have used most of the smartphones in this range and using this now so I know,, know nothing about Zen service so it might be a gamble! but otherwise for sure you won’t get all this together even in 20k or above smartphones from moto, lg, Samsung, Sony, HTC etc………….

  12. Hi abhishek,

    I plan to buy a smartphone for my mom… she would be new to it. My budget is 10k. I prefer to have a front camera phone. What do you think, can be my best bet?

  13. Dear abhishek,
    where and how can i get the smart cover bundle for this phone
    please help
    i tried really hard and have been searching the net for weeks but could not get it please help
    i even tried the customer care and even they did not give proper response
    is there any number for manufacturing unit ?
    or how can i order the smart cover with 3 screen guards bundle
    please help …
    waiting for your response

    thank yu in advance 🙂


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