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Samsung may Reveal True Octa Core Exynos Processor at CES 2014

Samsung is planning to launch a new processor with all the 8 cores working simultaneously this time and most probably it will be launched at CES 2014. Mediatek was the first one to create such processor and we very well know that why Mediatek named their 8 cores processor as True Octa-Core rather than simply putting it as Octa-Core? For those who do not know about this, let us tell you that Samsung tried to come up with the Octa-Core Processor on their Samsung Galaxy S4 but there was a small flaw in it.


It was not actually the Octa core, rather they were the two sets of Quad Core processor which used to work alternatively as per the load handled by smartphone. This is just a guess on the basis of a teaser posted by Samsung for the invitees of the CES 2014.

Another good guess can be the new processor on the architecture of ARMv8 to compete with Apple A7 processor based on 64-bit architecture. Now, Android is a 32-bit Operating system and so 64-bit architecture based processor can be a problem.

We little bit sure about this because when Apple revealed their iPhone 5S with Cyclone A7 processors then Samsung also gave a hint to the media that they are also working on something similar but these are just the guesses and the real thing will be seen at CES 2014. Stay tuned to know about what you may expect at the new CES 2014.


Abhinav Singh

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