Update: 5/2/2013 The official launch price for 16 GB model is 13,999. Which is further reduced considering the previous announcement of 14,499. The 8 GB variant has been priced at Rs. 12,499 INR

Moto G has finally arrived! The Moto G is most sought after device in India because it offers premium features for a budget price tag, and the icing on the cake is, that price is even lower than what was expected. Moto G will cost you 12,999 INR for the 8 GB variant and Rs. 14,499 for the 16 GB variant which makes it great value for money device.


Moto G will be retailed in India through online retailers and two of the official launch partners are Flipkart and Snapdeal. Flipkart is offering 70 percent off on the customizable back covers an introductory offer along with Rs. 500 off on ebooks, Rs. 1000 off on clothing and a chance to get 100 percent Cashback.

Snapdeal received 1000 pre-booking in just first two hours of listing Moto G in India. Snapdeal is offering 1 GB of free 3G Airtel Data along with other perks like free 1 Year Accidental Warranty, Free 1 Year Extended Support Warranty and a Free Back Panel Case.

Moto G will offer you a 4.5 inch bright IPS LCD display panel powered by Qualcomm Quadcore Snapdragon 400 processor backed by 1 GB RAM and Adreno 305 GPU. Other features include 5 MP/ 1.3 MP camera modules, water splash resistance, 2070 mAh battery, 7 color back panel to choose from.

The software is not Android KitKat as previously anticipated, but the KitKat update is guaranteed and will arrive soon.Since the storage is not extendable it will be wise to extend your budget and go for the 16 GB variant. For further insight You can read our Moto G Quick Review. The pricing is very competitive and if you don’t make up your mind soon, the stock will surely run out.

Key Specs

Model Moto G
Display 4.5 Inch 720P HD
Processor 1.2 GHz Quad core Snapdragon 400
Internal Storage 8 GB/ 16 GB
OS Android 4.2
Cameras 5 MP/ 1.3 MP
Battery 2070 mAh
Price Rs. 12,499/ Rs. 13,999 
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  1. What would be better for reading books on a phone?
    4.5″ 720p or 5″ 720p or 5.5″ 720p ?
    There are some really good phone of these sizes under 18,000.

    I want Moto G only size is holding me back.

    Full HD 1080p will be costly, will demand more battery/GPU, heavy games might lag on a mid-range 1080p phone plus 720p is enough for reading books I guess.

    You can also suggest good phones for these sizes.
    I’m considering 4.5″ Moto G, 5″Xolo Q1100 or Zen Ultrafone HD (its cheap), 5.5″ upcoming HTC Desire 816.

    • for sole purpose of reading, it should be 5 or 5.5. bigger the better. 720p will be enough. go for IPS LCD display not AMOLED one.

        • AMOLED is a good display. Since each pixel is powered sepearately the blacks are awesome and contrast is awesome. but whites are not that good. IPS LCD is better for reading. in S3 and Note 2 and other HD AMOLED display offen you will see a blue tint around the edges when the background is white, thus IPS LCD is better for reading, for videos and other stuff you might go for AMOLED


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