Right after the XOLO Q1010 showed up out of nowhere, XOLO announced another successor to the highly popular Q1000 smartphone, the XOLO Q1100. Unlike other smartphones in the QCORE series, the Q1100 in fact comes with a Snapdragon chipset which sparks off a direct war against the hot new Motorola Moto G.


That being said, how good is the Q1100 for the price tag it comes with? Lets discuss.


Model XOLO Q1100
Display 5-inch 1280 x 720p
Processor 1.4GHz quad-core
Internal Storage 8GB
OS Android v4.3
Cameras 8MP/2MP
Battery 2250mAh
Price 14,999 INR


The Q1100 comes with a screen size we’ve seen on a myriad of smartphones lately. The 5-inch screen factor plays well with multimedia-centric users as well as those looking for greater productivity, hence its pretty much a safe bet you’re making. The 5-inch screen on the Q1100 utilizes a 1280 x 720 pixel HD resolution, resulting in a pixel density of 294 ppi. While this may not be the flagship retina-shredding 500ppi, but it will be enough for the average user in you and me.

Camera and Storage

The specs sheet of the device disappoints slightly when you glance over the camera section. When most smartphones that go for about 12k INR are offering 13MP shooters, the XOLO Q1100 comes with only an 8MP main camera. Not all’s lost though; like has been the tradition with XOLO devices, the Q1100 too features the BSI 2 technology promising better low-light shots than competitors.

xolo q1100

On the front, the device has a generous 2MP shooter which will please video chat users and should attempt to make ‘selfie’ junta happy too.

The Q1100 comes with 8GB on-board ROM which looks better than the crappy standatd of 4GB. Of course, you will be able to expand storage via microSD cards.

Processor and Battery

The slightly higher price tag of Rs. 14,999 is perhaps justified by the inclusion of a Snapdragon 400 chipset, which should appeal more to the tech-savvy section of the Indian audience who claim to know their stuff. Yes, this is the same Snapdragon 400 that features on the Moto G which is sort of a rage in the country at the moment. It comes with a 1.4GHz quad-core CPU that aims to take on the popular MT6589 series from MediaTek and its variants.

Battery is one factor which has been a problem on many (if not all) smartphones from Indian manufacturers. The Q1100 however, looks a bit better with a 2250mAh unit which shouldn’t have a lot of problem taking you, the moderate user, through one work day.

Form Factor and Competitors


Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of innovation in the XOLO Q1100 design. Having said that, we also have to mention that the device is no mug when it comes to being a looker; renders show the device looks as good as any other domestic phone out there.



XOLO seem to have pulled a neat trick with the Qualcomm processor, ditching the run-of-the-mill MediaTek part. What’s also impressive is the fact that the device will come with Android v4.3 unlike other domestic-branded phones that are still lagging behind with older flavours. The only problem the device might face is the Motorola Moto G, which not only comes at a cheaper price but also offers better community and after-sales support.


  1. dude…… the moto g is being imported directly by flipkart and motorola india won’t be providing the after sales services on those devices being sold by flipkart……. please can ask the moto ind people if this is really true……. and please do not presume things on your own and say that moto will be providing the services coz i have seen shit dirtier than this….. pls do ask the moto people before misleading your readers……..

    • tough one. I would go with Moto G as it has global appeal and bigger community support. Replaceable back cover and design preferable to my taste is an added advantage too

  2. battery backup is decent, good thing is that it charges in less time, which is not a common thing with most budget android phones from domestic manufacturers.

    • How much batery backup wil we get for an average use ????
      And how much for a rough use ???
      Does it provides same batery backup as dat of samsung grand ??

  3. With good mobile specs like these, XOLO has been quietly gaining market share and has been producing low-to-middle-end devices to capture both these market shares. XOLO should start to bring-in devices with 16 or 32 GB internal storage devices at a little higher (17-19k) price point and concentrate on their after-sales services and vendor participation, the same the likes of Samsung, Sony, and HTC do.


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