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Nokia Creative Studio 6 to come with Dual Capture, Blur Functionality and More

An updated version of the popular Nokia Creative Studio will soon be available to users. The New Nokia creative Studio 6 is expected to be out in a month or so. The mobile app for the Windows Phone 8.1 will come with a redesigned user interface, exciting new interface, and the promise of an overall superior experience. Let us talk about some new features and some changes related to the app.


Menu Bar

Starting with the new Nokia Creative Studio 6, on selection of a Photo, instead of opening a filter menu where effects and edits can be applied, a menu bar will be present alongside the image. Users will have the choice of selecting editing options right from this Menu bar.


This new and updated app will also support Dual Capture. This feature allows users to rotate, straighten and change the aspect ratio of any image repeatedly, without any loss in quality of the image.

High Quality Filters


In a bid to make photos look more professional and classy, Nokia is introducing new image filters which can change the feel of a photo. Users will have the choice of selecting from amongst 10 such filters which are named Vivid, Warm Caress, Warm Horizon, Retro Fade, Retro Cool, B&W Fade, B&W Strong, B&W Antique, Pure, and Nightlife.

Blur Functionality

Another new functionality introduced in this app is the ability to add better blur regions in the Photograph. Users can add a circular blur or a tilt shift lens effects to parts of the image they want. In case users are not happy with the applied Blur effect, these can be removed with a single click.

Enhance Module

A new enhance module will be available on the Nokia Creative Studio 6 which will provide the users with the ability to make photos brighter, add more color, tweak brightness, shadows, clarity, vibrancy and color tone.


Non Destructive Editing

While users can apply a multitude of edits and customizations to their photos using this updated app, their original Photo will remain unchanged and they can revert back to the original image at any point of time, say even after a number of days have passed since the edits. Moreover, users get the option to save their edited image in the Camera Roll.

Other Features

Some other features such as Color Pop and Red Eye reduction are also expected to be introduced with subsequent updates of the app. While Nokia Creative Studio 6 might be without these features, Creative Studio 6.1 is expected to incorporate them.


Nokia seems to be making clear with each update that the Windows Phone Platform is opening up to customizations and more flexibility in features with the introduction of the Windows Phone 8.1, and users can refer to our article here to read more about such features . The Creative Studio 6 update seems to be another example in this pattern.

The number and quality of features that have been promised with this app are bound to make Lumia Phone enthusiasts excited about these upcoming changes in Nokia’s flagship Photo edit app for its smartphones. This app is expected to be launched with the sale start of the Nokia Lumia 930, and will replace Creative Studio in all Lumia devices.

Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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