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What’s Good About Nokia Lumia 630 Dual Sim Windows Phone and What’s Missing

Nokia Lumia 630 will arrive on the retail shelves on May 16th for a starting price of 16,990 INR in india. The Lumia 630 is definitely not a conventional Lumia smartphone. Nokia has kept the pricing competitive at par with the likes of Lumia 525 but has tried to provide with more than entry level specifications. Let’s take a look at Hits and Misses. All good things you get with Nokia Lumia 630 are mentioned first and then we have mentioned what’s more needed in future dual sim windows phones.


Good Things About Nokia Lumia 630

Windows Phone 8.1 Inside

Lumia 630 (Quick Review) will be fueled by the latest Windows Phone 8.1. Windows Phone operating system has been consistently growing both in terms of market share and consumer appeal. Windows Phone 8.1 just takes it to the next level by providing much desired features like full Blown Notification center, support for Universal apps and personal voice assistant Cortana.

Windows Phone 8.1 will eventually roll out to other Lumia devices as well, but if you want to taste what all the fuss is about without spending much money, Lumia 630 is your best bet

Snapdragon 400 Quad Core Processor

Windows Phone OS can sail smoothly on entry level hardware unlike Android, but Microsoft is offering 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 Quad core chipset at the lowest price in India. It’s the same chipset used in Moto G which is well accepted to deliver great value for money, still at higher price of 12,499 as compared to Lumia 630.

The 5 MP Rear Camera Unit

You get what you pay for. The primary camera unit at the back is not much to go for, but Microsoft claims better quality sensor this time and it shows. The 5 MP camera unit is significantly better in terms of colors and clarity in low light images compared to other 5 MP units that we have seen in domestic branded devices. You can read our Lumia 630 quick camera review.

Nokia SenseCore

Nokia has also provided with Nokia SenseCore in Lumia 630 which can monitor, record and transfer sensor data to apps without heavily taxing your battery. Nokia Lumia 630 has a low power sensor which can track you steps without requiring additional smartband. The SensorCore is presently integrated with Bing Health and Fitness App and can track your steps, activities, calories burnt, etc.

This has the potential to grow to a higher level and we can expect developers to come up with innovative ideas making use of SensorCore. Nokia Lumia 630 will be the only budget priced phone with these feature for now.

What Missing As Per Our Opinion

With all these Highlights, there is still a few things missing, which would have made Lumia 630 more desirable. Let’s take a look.

No LED Flash

Nokia Lumia 630 lacks LED Flash. Most of us rarely use flash while clicking images, but there are times when its use is inevitable. Low light photography could have been much better with LED flash. Besides, it’s always good to have flash for occasional use as Flash light.

Lesser RAM

Windows phone can sail better on a 512 MB RAM as compared to Android OS, but still a 1 GB RAM would have better complimented Snapdragon 400 quad core under the hood. With 1 GB RAM Nokia would also score more marketing points because above 10 K range, you will see at least 1 GB RAM in a huge list of Android devices dominating the market.

More bezels and still no Capacitive Buttons

Lumia 630 is also the first Lumia phone which replaces Capacitive touch buttons with software buttons. We couldn’t spot an immersive mode either. In spite of large bezels at the bottom, Microsoft has chosen to go with the software keys which will occupy space on your 4.5 inch display, but as we asked about it, Microsoft said there is no affect on the display or full screen experience because of these buttons.


Microsoft has tried to differentiate Lumia 630 from the rest. We, for one, like and appreciate different and it’s good to see Microsoft following a more flexible approach. The things missing are not grave ones and perhaps if you don’t object to Windows Phone platform, you will like the budget Lumia device with Windows Phone 8.1 inside. Microsoft will still have to sweeten the pot if it wished to allure Android users.


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