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Moto E VS Unite 2 Which One To Buy and Why, Reasons, Good and Bad Points

It was well expected that desi smartphone manufacturers wont take Moto E intrusion on their turf lightly and Micromax has risen up with the Unite 2 – a quad core smartphone with latest Android KitKat all for a price of 6,999 IINR. We finally have both devices with us and here is how both of these smartphones stack against each other.

Why To buy Unite 2 Over Moto E?

Rear Camera


Although Megapixel count is same for the rear cameras of both the devices, Micromax Unite 2 undoubtedly performs better. Unite 2 comes with a Autofocus camera unlike the fixed focus unit of Moto E, and this further adds to its advantage. The Rear camera in Unite 2 is also supported by LED flash for low light shots and occasional use as a torch.

Front Camera

Since Moto E lacks a front shooter, those prioritizing video chat and selfies can opt for Micromax Unite 2, but the 2 MP front camera of Micromax Canvas Unite 2 isn’t much to boast about. Though this won’t be a deal breaker for many, but nonetheless counts as a Unite 2 advantage.

Bigger Display


If a bigger display matters more to you, you can opt for Micromax Unite 2. The Moto E has a smaller display and considering the demand for larger display sizes in India, Micromax Unite 2 sounds more appealing. The display is also brighter than Moto E, but lacks in terms of Crispness, contrast and color reproduction.

Louder Loudspeaker

For multimedia lovers out there, Micromax Unite 2 will offer a significant advantage of louder in-buily speaker. Moto E was also loud enough for indoor conditions but Unite 2 will do you one better. With good quality headphones, both devices will give you optimum loudness to satisfactorily enjoy your multimedia files.

Apps can be installed on SD card

Micromax Unite 2, allows you to directly install apps on SD card, which is a great advantage for those interested in downloading high end games above 1 GB. Moto E allows you to move Apps to SD card but doesn’t allow you to install Apps on SD card. This will suffice for most users, but if you are interested in high end gaming on a low end device, Unite 2 is the way to go.

Removable Battery


The battery on Unite 2 is removable and that comes with several advantages. Whenever your Lithium Ion battery starts underperforming, you can easily replace it without having to spend much time and money. Moto E battery can also be replaced but it won’t be as convenient. To know the complete advantages of removable batteries you can read the linked article.

USB Cable and Normal SIM card Slot

With Unite 2, you will get a USB Cable bundled inside the box, unlike Moto E which comes with a non USB detachable charger. Unite 2 will also offer one Normal SIM card slot for those hesitant to cut their SIM cards.

Why to Buy Moto E over Micromax Unite 2?

Now let’s hear the other side of the story. Here is why Moto E excels over Micromax Unite 2:

Better and Smoother UI

UI transitions on Moto E are a lot more fluid when compared to Micromax Unite 2 even with several apps installed. Moto E comes with almost stock experience with minimum bloat ware and manages to be smoother even with lesser CPU Cores (Dual Core VS Quad Core).

Better Build Quality


Moto E feels a lot better to hold in hand. The device looks like a slightly smaller variant of Moto G and the curved back fits snugly in your hand. Both Moto E and Unite 2 have rubberized Matte finish at the back and Moto E feels more sturdy and solid in hand.

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection and Smudge Resistant Display


The display on Moto E is much more durable and resistant to occasional scratches, thanks to Corning gorilla Glass 3 on top. The display also enjoys smudge resistant coating to ward off finger grease from the Moto E display. If your handling is rough or if you don’t like to embed your smartphone in a chunky case, you should opt for Moto E.

Better display Resolution and Colors


Moto E has greater number of pixels on a relatively smaller display, and this make the display crispier than Unite 2. The display also shows better colors as compared to Unite 2 which shows faded colors and not so good contrast in comparison with Moto E.

Better One Handed Usage

Though one handed usage won’t be a problem on either devices if you have big hands, Moto E will be preferred by those looking for better one handed operation on their smartphone which can easily slide inside their pockets.

Better Community Support

Since Moto E is being sold internationally, you can expect better community support and can easily get answers to your queries on online forums. Custom ROM and Recovery support will also be more extensive for Moto E and thus for those who intend to root there device, Moto E is the way to go.

Customizable Back Covers

If you own a Moto E, you will get to choose from several color options to refresh look and feel of your device. Flipkart is already selling back covers for only 899 INR and this will be quite appealing to those who are looking to personalize their smartphone in line with their personality.


To sum it all up, in case you are looking for a better camera smartphone, opt for Unite 2. In case you want the option to download high end games Unite 2 will be a preferable option. Unite 2 also has the advantage of bigger display and removable battery. Moto E on the other hand will provide you more fluid UI transitions, more durability, Better battery backup and better build quality. Ultimately, it narrows down to what you are looking for. Both devices are winners if you are looking from the right perspective.

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