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Top 5 APK Installers for Android to Install, Uninstall and Do More With APK

Installing applications on Android devices is straightforward with the Google Play Store. All the user has to do is search the required app, select it and install the same. But, sometimes, the required app many not be available on the Play Store for several reasons like availability or compatibility of the device. Even in such cases, users can download and install the concerned .apk file manually. An .apk file is similar to .exe file on Windows and all the user has to do is copy it to the device and run it. But, to do the same the device should be having an APK installer app. If you are interested in installing an APK installer on your Android device, here are some of the best ones listed down to enable manual installation of APK files.

Apk Installer

The Apk Installer is a free application available on the Google Play Store. It is pretty quick and easy for users to install the APK files on the micro SD card used in the Android device. All the user has to do is to search for the concerned app on the SD card and install the same. Also, it lets the users to delete, email, copy and install the APK files and browse the folders using this Apk Installer application.

apk installer

Apk Extractor

The Apk Extractor on Google Play Store is also a free application. This application helps in extracting the APK file from the installed application and also lets users to share the same to others via email. The latest update rolled out to the app includes the option to filter out copy-protection and also feature fixes for several bugs that the app has been witnessing.

apk extractor

Easy Installer

Once the APK files are downloaded on the SD card mounted on the device, the next step is to install them from the SD card to the handset. The Easy Installer come into action at this step as it a tool designed to install apps from the apk files on the SD card. It will list all the APK files and the user will have to select the required ones and click on ‘Install Selected Apps’. It also allows users to batch install or delete, app search, package installer and more.

easy installer

Apk Installer

This Apk Installer app from a different developer also does the same task by allowing users to install the apk files from the device’s SD card. It is a free application that paves way for an easier and faster way to install the APK files.

apk installer 2

SD Card Apk Installer

This free application called SD Card Apk Installer is a tool designed specifically to enjoy quick and easy apk file installation on the SD card of the Android device. Users will have to search the SD card for all the Apk files and install the desired app from the same. It features an Apk file search directory that displays all the apps letting users to search and install the required ones.

Sd Card Apk Installer

Other Similar Apps

Other applications that come with similar features include Apk Manager, Apk Installer, Apk Downloader Pro and others.


These apps will surely help the users of Android devices to download and install an APK file of an application that they are looking for. And, they could be pretty much useful for those who are planning to install APK files as they involve simple process without much hassle. You can download any of these APK Installer apps on your Android device and enjoy using any app that is not available on the Play Store.

Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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