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Top 5 Apps to Know and Test Sensors Android Device

Android devices usually have a bevy of sensors onboard and accelerometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and e-compass sensor are a few common mentions. But, there many instances of non-functioning sensors on the Android devices and if you are experiencing such an issue, you should remember that you are the only one in the Android ecosystem. Now, how would be able to detect if any sensor(s) on your device is in proper working condition or not? The process is pretty simple and it can be checked using some sensor testing applications that are available on the Google Play Store. Check out some of these applications that are listed below for assistance.

Sensor Kinetics

The Sensor Kinetics app is an advanced monitor for the standard sensors that are available on Android devices. It offers a comprehensive look at the dynamics of the combined functionality of the sensors. The app demonstrates the use of each of the sensors and provides a look at the charts associated with each of them to know how fast the sensors are operating. The chart viewers allow users to measure the accuracy and behavior of the sensors.

sensor kinetics

Sensor Test

The Sensor Test application is a capable tool that is ultimately designed with the aim to detect the functionality of each of the sensors that are available on the user’s Android device. It displays the default sensors and shows the real time data and information of each sensor. This app provides support to Triggers sensors and supports devices running on Android 4.3 and above.

sensor test

Android Sensor Box

The Android Sensor Box detects all the sensors that are available on the user’s Android device and shows their functionality with stunning graphics. The app also intimates the users about the sensors that are supported by their device’s hardware. It has to be noted that this app only detects the changes in the sensor operability and it may not show the accurate values if there is no change.

android sensor box

Phone Tester

The Phone Tester is an application that lets users to analyze and detect if the components and hardware of their device are operating correctly. Apart from checking the functionality of the sensors on the device, users can also detect Wi-Fi, telephony, GPS, multi-touch, battery and system information. The app also comes in a Pro version that shows more information including phone memory, CPU speed and SD card memory without any ads.

phone tester


The AndroSensor is a complete diagnostic tool allows users to know everything about their Android device and its status. It supports all the sensors on the device and detail on which of these sensors actually work or which of them are supports by the device hardware. The tool displays the real time sensor details in both graphical and text form and users can also record sensor data using the AndroSensor QuickBar into a CSV file.


Other Similar Apps

Applications that help the Android device users to check the sensor functionality are not only limited to the aforementioned ones. There are numerous such apps on the Play Store and some of them include Sensor Test, Advanced Sensor Tester and Sensor Checker.


Monitoring or detecting the sensor functionality on Android devices is quite simple with these applications. They help the users to understand the use of each sensor on their device and keep them informed about their device capability constantly. For those users who prefer to understand the in and out of their Android device, such sensor testing apps are highly recommended.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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