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Moto G Android 4.4.3 KitKat update Roll Out Starts in India

Update (9/6/2014): Apparently Motorola has not yet started rolling out the update in India. If you haven’t received update yet, you don’t have to press the panic button yet. Sooner or later Motorola will roll out the update in India as well. Even after the update starts rolling out, everyone will not get it at the same time, it will be rolled out in batches.

Moto G in India has started receiving Android 4.4.3 KitKat update. The new Android KitKat update is not a major one, but will definitely enhance user experience with additional bug fixes and stability, which comes with it.


The update is 169 MB in size and will bring updated phone dialer application, ability to pause video recording, and the ability to download Motorola Alert Application. After the update, the system version will be updated to 210.12.32.


With Android 4.4.3, Google has also provided a fix for battery drain issue which was a problem in Qualcomm Chipset devices like Moto G. Earlier there was high battery drain when some third party app was using your smartphone camera, apparently this has been fixed now. The New Dialer app with a new color theme will suit better to KitKat day theme. Colors have also been added to People App. Full list of changes have not been listed by Google yet, but these are the major ones you will experience at users end.

Motorola has also started rolling out Android 4.4.3 for Single SIM variant of Moto G. We expect the Android 4.4.3 rollout to begin soon for Moto X , followed by Moto E. Apart from Motorola devices, some Nexus devices will also see update to Android 4.4.3 this week.


21 thoughts on “Moto G Android 4.4.3 KitKat update Roll Out Starts in India”

  1. Please verify the news before posting. That guy got a US Moto G and is using in India. The update clearly say for en.US and Single SIM Variant.

  2. I haven’t got the update for my Moto G..
    Is there a glitch from Motorola’s side or there’s a problem with my unit plz anyone can help?

  3. Man…it is an international version not indian version okay…..there will be a time to get it

  4. i think its not come yet in India because I am a moto g user and I have friends who own moto g. It still say device software is up to date

  5. Mohd Ashhar Asanabail

    I dint got KitKat 4.4.3 updation for my moto g in India..can any one help me?

  6. Rishav PrO-Striker Das

    I am Using Indian Version Of Moto G i.e. Dual Sim Version So can I update my Phone to 4.4.3 ???????

  7. No update for MotoG devices in India yet.
    This was the response I received from Motorola
    “Thank you for contacting Motorola.
    Sorry to say that we didn’t receive any official confirmation from Motorola regarding 4.4.3 upgrade.”

  8. Ravi Kumar Chintalapudi

    wrong information. Just copied ans pasted from some where else. 4.4.3 not yet available for Indian users of moto g.

  9. Yes, there seems to be some discrepancy. Many users haven’t got it yet.Sooner or later the update will arrive on Moto G

  10. No there is no problem with your unit. Many users are reporting the same. India rollout has perhaps not started yet.

  11. Link to XDA developers forum please. I read that those screen shots are for US retail version of single sim Moto G devices being used in India and they will receive OTA update of 4.4.3 just like Nexus devices as of today.
    Dual sim Indian retail Moto G has not received its update yet.
    Thanks and cheers.

  12. Yup ur right..I called up the Moto Care they told me that officially there is no announcement that when the 4.4.3 is coming to India.
    Each and every blog is using these screenshot and reporting that update has come to India but they are totally fools..Dumb creatures..Still not rectified it.

  13. The about section of the Chief Editor needs a grammar check. Thanks for the information though.

  14. I confirmed with Moto care they did not get any update information for India. all the update screen shots are fro US/Brazil.

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