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BOAT’s Pitcher Bluetooth Speaker Launched in India for 3,990 INR

In an attempt to bring life into movement, recharge style and live life to the fullest BOAT has come up with a brand conceptualized as the marriage of fashion and technology. BOAT’s signature product categories include Audio, Power and Connect. The products showcase strong fashion with dynamic shapes, vibrant colors, textures and flowing designs to differentiate them from other fashion and lifestyle accessories.


BOAT brings an impeccable pedigree of veterans in the Consumer Electronic industry with those who were with the best brands in the world to make its niche products promoting fashion technology. In India, BOAT is brought in by Imagine Marketing that firm behind the acquisition of exciting technology brands such as House of Marley and Jam.

The high performance portable audio systems are sleek in design and they can fit into the lifestyle of users besides providing great mobility and comfort. The features of the products from BOAT include superior air flow technology, dynamic bass and interactive prompts.

Boat has announced a Bluetooth speaker called Pitcher that is fashionable, stylish and a trend setter. Pitcher exhibits a new level of stereo audio performance with over 10 hours of battery backup in order to let the users to enjoy all day long usage. The support to interactive prompts lets users easily connect to the speaker whenever needed. The airflow technology delivers ultra strong bass and dynamic sound performance respectively.

The Pitcher Bluetooth speaker is available in three different color options such as Blue, Black and Mint and it is priced at Rs 3,990.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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