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WhatsApp Voice Calling is Finally Available – Well, Almost

WhatsApp has started beta testing its much awaited voice calling feature for selected users. The feature will be available for the latest WhatsApp version 2.11.508, but merely updating to the latest version won’t allow you to access it.


You can sideload the update from official WhatsApp webpage, but apparently the feature will be available to you, only if someone calls you using WhatsApp. This can’t be confirmed as of now as several users claim that an invite call didn’t activate the feature for them. Either way,this won’t be a simple task by any means.

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According to the initial screenshots posted by reddit user Pradnesh, the new update will add a separate tab for calls and call records. You can call your friends from the chat window as well.

WhatsApp isn’t the first messenger to introduce VoIP calls, but being the world’s biggest messenger app, with over 700 users, this one has a good change to replace traditional calling. Facebook Messenger too has a voice calling feature which works rather well and after Facebook acquisition, WhatsApp will also benefit from Facebook’s expertise.

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Recently, Whats App also rolled out its Chrome Web client which makes WhatsApp accessible via desktop. The much awaited WhatsApp voice calling will still take some time to be officially available for everyone.