Top 5 Android apps for Learning, education and video lessons

These days, technology has advanced to such an extent that gadgets are used in classrooms and for learning. Also, there are numerous mobile applications that double as effective replacement of textbooks. As long as you are not looking to study a topic in detail, you can make use of these applications to benefit from learning without shelling huge sums of money on classes. There are many educational applications that could be useful to provide you knowledge on several topics and help in your learning process. Here are some of them to quench your education and learning requirements.


Coursera is one of the best places to get online education for free. The developers of the app have entered into a partnership with over 100 top universities across the world in order to provide quality education. In addition, it lets you choose from over 600 courses spread across 20 subject areas. The classes are interactive and are available in over 14 languages. The course contents are given free of cost and they can be downloaded as per your preference.


Udemy: Courses and Tutorials

Udemy: Courses and Tutorials is the world’s largest destination for online courses, training, and tutorials. The expert instructors working with the app have created courses on several niches such as programming, entrepreneurship, photograph, yoga, marketing, cake decorating and more. Basically, you can discover thousands of on-demand, online courses and tutorials. There are video lectures, audio lectures, presentations and articles in your course that can be accessed offline as well.


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Udacity – Learn Programming

Udacity – Learn Programming app has a user base of over 1.5 million students who opt in for programming and big data. This will enhance your knowledge and career in programming. Udacity courses are taught by industry experts from Facebook, Google, Cloudera and MongoDB. Their classes teach from the basics of programming to advanced courses. The programming language courses offered by the app include HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java and others.



Are you interested in learning new languages? The Busuu application can help you. With this application, you can learn to read, write, and speak in over 11 of the world’s most popular languages. Furthermore, the techniques followed by the application are pretty intuitive and effective than reading books. Busuu courses have been designed in adherence to CEFR that is a reputable framework for effectively learning of new languages. The app lets you interact with native speakers of the language you are learning.



Grace lets you use a rich pool of online videos available on Youtube to learn or to get inspired. It also lets you to take notes and maintain them on your Google Drive account. You can get to know more information from the best universities, organizations, teachers and leaders in the world based on your interest and area of study. With this app, you can learn different subjects such as business, mathematics, medicine, computer science or any other subject that you love.


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Other Similar Apps

Besides these applications, there are other learning based applications such as TED Talks, YouTube, Speed Anatomy Quiz and others


These applications that we have listed above are some of them that are available in the Google Play Store. They provide a great learning experience providing knowledge on the subject that you like to learn. You can try out these applications to learn your favorite niche trough video tutorials, lectures and more.