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3 Ways to Open Any File Extension Types on Android

In spite of the fact that Android is a open framework upto great extent, you can’t generally read or play all formats/files out of the box.Thanks to the wide range of available apps, however, solution is never too far away. It’s a simple task of substituting one app for another. We’ll tell you how files of almost any type can be opened on Android.

Additionally, by making your smartphone able to open different number of file formats, you can spare yourself the bother to convert your media files into (usually) older and more common file formats that aren’t as great at procreating hi-quality music, sparing storage space, and displaying perfectly clear pictures.

Audio files

The default Android media player is exceptionally demanding about what it acknowledges on the off chance that you attempt to load it with something besides .MP3s.


Other than MP3s, the PowerAmp music player can play the following formats: MP4; M4A; ALAC; OGG; WMA; FLAC; WAV; APE; WV; and TTA. The broad capacities, the instinctive user interface and the inside and out flexibility make this app a standout amongst the most famous audio players available on play stores. There’s a free trial variant, generally the application costs a couple of dollars.

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Office Docs

All Android gadgets by default  can view Office docs, yet you will require a different app so as to alter and make new ones. There are truly a couple of portable office apps to browse; it truly comes down to what features you need.

I personally recommend “Quick office” and “King soft Office” apps as both effortlessly opened the most widely recognized Microsoft formats – including .PDF files – without any need to install adobe reader on my android smartphone.

One best option is Google Docs, Google’s online service for making and reading office docs.
The official Google Docs app does a adequate job at opening your office files. However the app has issues with keeping document formatting, so I would not prefer using it to make or edit your work. Results may vary on your device.


The zenith of play-all desktop media players is VLC. It’s android version is really impeccable yet can play all sound and video formats (and as well as stream) and handle different sound tracks, subtitles, auto-rotation of the display & corrections to the aspect proportion. Volume and brightness levels can be adjusted by gestures, and there’s widgets accessible as well.

Two other decently designed video players are MoboPlayer and MX Player, both of which likewise supports subtitles, multi-sound, streams and playlists and can likewise play back formats that are not upheld by the default feature player. The bookmark feature is additionally exceptionally advantageous: when you leave a film half of the way finished, whenever you open the application it will get you where you left off.


Having a gadget that works flawlessly with a wide range of file types empowers you to get the most out of your digital life and your Android smartphone.
P.S. It can save your job when you have to prepare a office presentation or excel sheet on the go for your angry Boss! 🙂

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Abhishek Bhatnagar

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