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Micromax Canvas Spark Q380 Question Answer FAQ- Doubts Cleared

Micromax Canvas Spark was launched yesterday for a great price of 4,999 INR. The handset will be available exclusively on You will have to register to participate in weekly flash sales, with the first one scheduled for 29th April. So if you are looking forward to buy Canvas Spark, here are some important questions and their answers to help you.


Micromax Canvas Spark Q380 Quick Specs

  • Display Size:  4.7 Inch with, 960 x 540 qHD resolution, Gorilla Glass 3 protection
  • Processor: 1.3 GHz MT6582M Quad Core
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Software Version: Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • Primary Camera: 8 MP AF rear camera with LED flash
  • Secondary Camera: 2 MP
  • Internal Storage: 8 GB (4.5 GB Free)
  • External Storage: MicroSD support upto 32 GB
  • Battery: 2000 mAh battery Lithium Ion, Non removable
  • Connectivity: 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, aGPS, 3.5mm audio jack, FM Radio
  • Others: OTG Support – Yes, Dual SIM – Yes

Question – Does Canvas Spark has Corning Gorilla Glass Protection?

Answer –  Yes, Canvas Spark comes with Gorilla Glass 3 protection on top and a scratch guard is present in the box too, so yes, you are pretty much covered.

Question – How is the Display of Micromax Canvas Spark?

Answer –  Canvas Spark has a 4.7 Inch IPS LCD display with qHD resolution. Brightness, viewing angles and sunlight visibility are all good for the price. Display colors appear saturated. Display softness is noticeable to our eyes, but there is no pixilation and first time users are less likely to notice it. Thanks to Gorilla Glass on top, it is resistant to scratches, but not so much to smudges. The touch responsiveness is average. On the whole, the display won’t be a problem for Micromax Canvas Spark, considering the price tag.

Question – How is the Design and Build Quality?

Answer –  Micromax has sincerely worked on the design part to make sure Canvas Spark doesn’t look like an ugly and cheap plastic slab, but has cut some corners in build quality to accommodate the low price tag. The Canvas Spark has a very thin rubberized matte finish plastic back cover which feels similar to moonstone finish on Yureka. The back curves around the edges and seamlessly merges into the metallic texture chrome lining.

IMG_20150422_172010 (1)

Hardware keys give good feedback. The back cover is removable but the battery is sealed inside using a simple sticker. On the rear side, camera lens is slightly protruding outwards and this increases the changes of scratching the lens when the phone is resting on its back.

Question – Are the Capacitive navigation buttons backlit?

Answer – No, the capacitive buttons are not backlit.

Question – Is there any heating issue in Canvas Spark?

Answer – No, the handset does not heat much.

Question – What comes inside the Box?

Answer – 700 mA wall charger, Documentation, USB Cable, headphones and Scratch Guard

Question – What size SIM card is supported? How is the call quality?

Answer – Both SIM cards accept Micro SIM and only one SIM supports  3G. Cellular video calling or call recording  is not supported

Question – Does it have LED notification light?

Answer – Yes, LED notification light is there.

Question – How much is Free Storage?

Answer –  Out of 8 GB, around 4.5 GB is available at use end. There is option to check SD card as default storage, but apps cannot be moved or installed on SD card.

Question – Does it support USB OTG?

Answer – Yes, USB OTG is supported. After connecting a flash drive, the phone gives you the option to make external pen drive as default storage, which means you can directly capture image or record videos on the external flash drive.

Question – How is the Camera Quality?

Answer – Rear camera quality seems pretty decent in our initial testing. Camera vise, this is definitely one of the best option available for under 5,000 INR. You can record 720p HD videos at 30fps from the rear camera. The front camera quality is also pretty good and has a smile detection feature which fires camera when you smile (or rather show your teeth). Face beauty mode is also present which smoothens you skin texture and works well most of the times. The stock camera app isn’t very snappy and low light shots are noisier, but again, it’s a pretty good deal for the price.

Micromax Canvas Spark Camera Review, Low Light Performance and Photo Samples Overview [Video]

Question – How is the performance ? How much did it score on Antutu and Nenamarks?


Answer – Micromax Canvas Spark scored 20,064 on Antutu and 54.2 fps on Nenamarks 2. This is standard for MT6732 phones. Basic and moderate users won’t face any performance issue. You can play high end games too, but there are some noticeable frame drops.


Question – How much RAM is free on First Boot?

Answer –  Out of 1 GB, more than 500 MB RAM is available on first boot.

Question – How is the device software?

Answer – Software is Android 5.0 Lollipop. It is not pure Android Lollipop and is adulterated with some light UI customizations and several preloaded apps.

QuestionHow many sensors does  Canvas Spark have?

Answer – You can see the full list in the image below.


Question – How is GPS Locking?

Answer – GPS locking is good for both indoors and outdoors.

Question – How loud is Loudspeaker?

Answer –  Loudspeaker is quite loud, though not the loudest. It does get blocked to an extent when phone is resting on its back.

Micromax Canvas Spark Gaming Review, HD Video Playback, Speaker Loudness Overview

Question – Can Micromax Canvas Spark play Full HD 1080p Videos?

Answer – Yes, the handset can play Full HD 1080p and HD 720p videos.

Question – Can Canvas Spark 2 be connected to Bluetooth headsets

Answer – Yes, you can connect it to Bluetooth headset

Question – How is the battery backup?

Answer –  Antutu Battery test score is 2716, which isn’t too great. Battery drains very fast while watching HD videos. Standby time backup is good. Battery charging time with box charger is also slightly slow.

Micromax Canvas Spark Unboxing, Review, Camera, Features, Expected Price and Overview [Video]


Micromax Canvas Spark offers top notch specs and decent camera, but yes, Micromax has cut some corners here and there. Based on our initial testing, we do feel that it is a good device for under 5,000 INR, but if you are willing to spend more, you can get a better deal and experience with slightly higher priced devices.


257 thoughts on “Micromax Canvas Spark Q380 Question Answer FAQ- Doubts Cleared”

  1. Anyone knows how’s the video recording quality of canvas spark? ’cause i read in a forum that it has just 3gp recording! plz help….

  2. Micromax Canvas Spark :
    I bought it online and received on Saturday… but facing trouble when i switched it off and put on chargeing…

    morning when i checked it was only 82% charged…

    I dont know how much hours it takes to charge..

    overall its better… It also supports pen drive and tab keypad for whats up typing..

    Thankyou micromax team.

  3. how to check the battery percentage display on mobile screen for micromax spark q380

  4. can I relace the battery with more mAh,like 2300mAh or more to increase the battery power?

  5. Its good. But apps cant move to sd card So its Useless. Suppose you install whatsapp and your friend send some videos your all videos goes to internal memory not external


  7. Does anyone know how to block incoming calls & msg in Spark (Q380)? I tried but could not find it anywhere in this version of Lollipop. Thx

  8. Thx. This is an app however, I actually intended to get in as an in-built feature of Lollipop OS. Anyways, thx for revert tho.

  9. phanindra gowda

    when some one calls me there no displaying number in display just phone is ringing. is this phone problem or display setting problem?micromax spark q380

  10. in my phone while opening camera only front cam is appearing…there is no option for rear cam… this due to some setting problem???

  11. you will notice a white smilie on the right corner of view finder, tap that and you will notice the camera toggle

  12. hi avinash, open the dialer app. Tap on the three dots on the top right corner embedded in the search bar, next to mircrophone icon. From here select settings.

  13. when some one calls me there no displaying Light no displaying number in display just phone
    is ringing. is this phone problem or display setting problem?micromax
    spark q380

  14. because the display resolution is qHD or quarter HD, you won’t benefit from HD videos anyway. It is same with all phones with lower resolution.

  15. How to stop vibration while typing text in micromax canvas spark q380??
    I had off the touch sounds and touch on viberate in settings its not working…

  16. what if it hangs up and the touch doesnt work, then how to restart the phone because the battery cannot be removed….?? is there any reset button on the back panel likewise in xperia C

  17. getting the issue now a days
    on the humidity as well as in a hot place mobile temperature gets 40 -45 ‘c
    as well as facing the issue of the battery drains as fast
    getting heating issue all time !
    i had make a repalce too
    but this is the negative issue of the heating issue

    please check this too for gets the resolve

  18. My phone micromax q 380 not give me correct time the seeting of date and time is not working proparly what i do for this

  19. where is led indicator placed….. as in my case canvas a very lil light very near to call microspeaker

  20. you can go to language and input in settings. press on the settings button next to the google keyboard and select preference. You will find the option there

  21. you can long press power key to turn it off, then with combination of volume rocker and powerkey you can also enter recovery mode and restart

  22. my phone isn’t displaying incoming calls is just ringing but no display of the person calling… why is it happening? what to do…?

  23. I don’t see any option to move apps to SD card. how can i move my apps from Internal Memory to SD card.

  24. I want to Buy this Cell Phone.. But I have conclusion about the battery condition… how much hours it gives the backup???


  25. you have to select SD card as default storage location. you can do it separately for camera alone.

  26. Manindra Bhattacharyya

    i want to know that how can i solve the problem with the automatic time zone changing,,,,i live in west bengal kolkata but when i set the automatic time zone and automatic time and date after some moments its turns to gmt+2.30 summer time of austrelia…how can i solve the problem?

  27. do i have to put a screen guard on my micromax canvas spark when it is already provided with gorilla corning glass 3

  28. How to connect to PC for data transfer? & where is enter option for type in text massages?

  29. How to connect to PC for data transfer? & where is enter option for type in text massages

  30. I have purchase one micromaxq380 last month, but phone is very heating I cant put my pocket. that is is phone problem or my health problem

  31. Surendra Prajapati

    Gallery video play by uc browser player how to remove this problem and play by phone ana mx player

  32. I want 2 know about its app storage—–
    How can i move app data to sd card in canvas spark

  33. I am unanle to add guest user in my micromax spark When click on user icon in notification it just shows only a user and there is no option for adding new user.
    Plz help me

  34. I am unable to add user in my micromax canvas spark. While clicking on user iccon in notification screen it shows only my id and contact detail and there is no option to add any user.
    Please help me out.

  35. Hello deepak,

    I have canvas spark please tell me when i used gps with wifi then mobile data contention automatically on so please what is the solution how to manage this prob and how to move any app phone to sd.

  36. Thanks for the review. Personally i am not very happy with the primary camera, the resolution ain’t really great.

    I felt the touch response is slow, particularly the keyboard. Sort of annoying. i checked for software updates, so far there is none. Is there any way to deal with the issue?


    Sir, this device is not supporting some of the video files while trying to play online. Plz help

  38. Rakesh Maheshwari

    give me whatsapp number of micromax canvas spark ask for any quesions group

  39. my phone isn’t displaying incoming calls is just ringing but no display of the person calling… why is it happening? what to do…

  40. my phone isn’t displaying incoming calls is just ringing but no display of the person calling… why is it happening? what to do…?

  41. when incoming call come on micromax spark it dont show on scree it shows only notification on upper side of the fone please give some solution …

  42. in canvas spark, while calling proximity sensor works correctly but when using flip cover it is unable to recognige flip cover while calling and screen remains on
    any suggestions plz…?

  43. sensor is unable to recognige flip cover while calling and screen remains on
    what to do??

  44. My phone lock automatically,even I have set timing for 2 min,So phone should lock after 2 min but not.

  45. Just plug it in using USB cable. Make sure your USB cable supports data transfer as some cables only support charging. Then wait for drivers to download.

  46. when some call me my canvas spark q380 not lighting up but just ringing. somebody told me what is the setting to resolve this problem?

  47. i am using flip cover for micromax canvas spark Q380, how to turn off screen lights automatically on shutting the flip against screen?

  48. i will try to change my mobile font type . but it not to be change .mobile inform in “No root permission cannot system font”
    how can i solve this problem sir

  49. i have purchase micro max canvas spark q380…i have inset vodafone sim card…i have not get benefit of 300mb data 3g….what i do?……please

  50. when some one calls me there no displaying number in display just phone is ringing. is this phone problem or display setting problem?micromax spark q380

  51. I buy a new phone in micromax canvas spark,before one a days phone touch not working in some time.every time switch off the phone and again restart the phone use it.pls help

  52. when some one calls me there no displaying number in display just phone is ringing. is this phone problem or display setting problem?micromax spark q380

  53. My phone gets rebooted continuously and randomly without any reason. Could you give me a solution for this,


  55. you need to install application like Skype or Line to do the video calling. Or you can also have the video calling using Facebook messanger on your device.

  56. If you have micromax canvas spark q380 then follow my steps
    1. goto first settings SIM cards callur data
    4. click (if you have two SIMs) any option

  57. How to connect Micromax Canvas Spark to TV set ? I tried using USB but its not recognizing. I recently purchased a LED TV that has two USB ports and my other Microsoft phone is connecting well, But not this Q380.

    Please explain how this can be achieved?

  58. Micromax Canvas Spark :
    I bought it online and received on Sunday … but facing trouble when i switched it off and put on chargeing…

    morning when i checked it was only 65% charged…

    I dont know how much hours it takes to charge..

    i an not happy this phone

  59. I have Micromax Spark Q380 . I often make problem of activating GPS in all condition like Indoor,outdoor,walk as well as travel.

    It is not responding.

    Please give me suggestion . How to reactivate GPS .

  60. Reset your device and Scan your SD card with any original Antivirus .

    This Connect your SD card in PC . After that move all dates to PC . Then insert it into Phone format using phone. Then move your data PC to SD card using Phone.

    Better after resetting your Phone Use without SD card.

    Still your Problem not resolved Re-install Your android version by Ur own or By Micromax Service Center

  61. I have also faced this issue. After removing all UN-wanted APPS (which give your ads and UN necessary notification) problem is resolved.

    Better reset and test before installing any 3rd party app.

    Still problem Exits May be Your Device has issue.

  62. You should call the Online store from where you purchased this device and should log a complaint. I am sure they could provide you an appropriate solution for this issue.

  63. Try the following steps:
    a. Go to settings
    b. Under settings, go to Location access
    c. Under location access, see if ‘GPS sattelites’ – The option is checked
    d. Click on ‘GPS Satellites’
    e. You will see something like this
    f. If ‘GPS EPO assistance’ is unchecked, Check it.
    Also, along with this change the accuracy to High Accuracy –> Settings>location>Mode>high accuracy

    Let me know if this resolves your issue.

  64. Please tell me how can I make a video call through canvas spark?

    I do not find any video call option in my phone. I am currently using IMO for video calling.

  65. Native video calling is not supported in this device. so you have to use the third party application like IMO or Skype or FB messenger to make the video calls.

  66. If I am clicking on rectangle menu button open 3 options wallpaper, widget, setting.. If any one can know How do I open directly minimize application for clicking rectangle menu button..plz help me

  67. You will need to install the Third party apps like Skype or IMO or have to use FB messanger to make the video calls on this device.

  68. Please Long press the Menu button (Keep Pressing for around 5 sec). It will show the running apps and you can then just click on the app that you want to Re-open.

  69. How can i transfer image and music file from micromax canvas spark to my pc or lappy there is no option is shown for sdcard when i connect my phone to pc through data cable plz help me

  70. why dey r selling dis kind of product for cust , wer we r getting oly 4 gb for apps along wit tat no option for instal and moving to sd card,,,,,,,,,,,,, So any suggestions frm ur end.

  71. When I reduced the brightness of my micromax spark, the display became black. I couldn’t use the phone because of that. I think at that time the adaptive brightness was on. What to do?

  72. My camera is not working. It says can’t connect to the camera. Please help.
    I think I have removed smthing whicg could be related to camera.

  73. my mobile not played youtube video on wifi. My friends mobiles play youtube videos helps me.

  74. when I M pressing left rectangular menu button to see and end all minimized running apps, after closing all applications after the display of no more application when I come back to home page what I usually find my MAIN MENU ICON THERE ON MAIN MIDDLE PART OF SCREEN ON BELOW PART WHICH IS THE MAIN ICON NO MORE EXIST, IT VANISHES but all other side near by functional item exist as such,,, so tell me the problem to get rid of,,,

  75. i want to solve the problem with the automatic time zone changing,,, whenever i set the automatic time time and date after some moments its turns to gmt+2.30 summer time EUROPIAN…how can i solve the problem?


  77. Sir,i just bought a new micromax spark cell phn nd inserted my micro sim into da slot…..but the sim is not the same sim works in another cel phn…so what should i do

  78. i am using wifi but why cut monry (Rs. 0.15) many times in my main account balance? plz give me a solution

  79. Micromax spark has a problem of time changing. Many times, the time is changes into European timetable.

  80. Micromax spark has a problem of time changing. Manytimes, the time changes into European timetable.

  81. does micromax canvas spark q380 has usb reverse tethering//// and if it is there then how to access

  82. My canvas spark is not supporting me to store any oics that I take to my SD card.please help me, how can i transfor pics to SD care

  83. Which micro sd-card suits this phone (Micromax Canvas Spark q380)??? please mention the class and grade with the storage capacity..

  84. i purchased canvas spark online, after one month it do not start, but when I connect it to charger the small red used to blink now suggest some ideas make it start again

  85. I have a Micromax Spark and automatically the photos and videos get deleted from WhatsApp. So may I know how to stop it??

  86. did you removed the SD card, the videos and photos might be there on the sd card, otherwise this should not happen.

  87. Censors not working for micromax canvas spark q380 when flip cover is attached….. What to do….????

  88. Sir, please solve my phone problem my phone not showing receive call on display and phone also running sloly. So please tell me how to rectify this problem

  89. I was trying to root this micromax canvas spark Q380 phone and by mistake i deleted the system update tool which was located in settings>about phone.
    Please help me out of this.

  90. A mobile achaa hy ya nahi muze kuch samj nahi aa raha yarr muze lena hy a mobile lekin aap logo ke comment dekr muze kuch achaa nahi lag raha; plzz ans…????

  91. Hai sir im using micromax canvas spark Q380 phone.In my phone d’t be display the “Start Menu Icon”.How to set the Menu icon in display? please answer me quickly as soon as possible.

  92. I bought micromax spark Q380 8gb today by online .
    phone language is not understanding.
    it’s a foreign language.
    how can I change phone language.
    plz reply.
    it’s a big problem.
    I dont understand its function.

  93. Sir please help me
    Secreen lock is not lock immegantly it lock after 30 sec after i m also check in settings and select immegantly lock screen . But lock not work immeganty .
    Plese help me
    And i am try lock by facelock but not work

  94. Hey, my phone unfortunately got bricked while i was doing hacks with play store after it it showed play store not working every time and i formatted it and after that shows error and some
    after i formatted it again , now i can’t even open it completely, can i repair or can service centers of micromax are able to repair it.
    Please suggest me advice.
    thanks in advance.


  96. i inserted a sd card in q380,but on long pressins the app icon in menu, i am not gettin g option move to sd card,why??
    how to enable that option

  97. i inserted a sd card in q380,but on long pressing the app icon in menu, i am not gettin g option move to sd card,why??
    how to enable that option

  98. micromax canvas spark q380

    hanging problem ki wajah se mene factory reset kiya tha iske bad se ph apne aap on off ho rha hai hadset congigration msg bhi nhi ja rha plz sir help kro plz plz plz

  99. when some one calls me there no displaying number in display just phone is ringing. is this phone problem or display setting problem?

  100. Micromax canvas spark q380 ka screen tut gaya hai hai hamko gorilla glass 3 dalwana hai kya ye market me avelebal hai kya

  101. plz help me when i remove my charger from phone then for some time back button do not work properly tell me whats reason

  102. Hi friends iam facing micro max canvas spark q380 how connect the DVD player and lcd and PC my mobile not connected pls any one help me yarrr…

  103. i usd the security option nd select the data protctn nd set the paswrd to hide my photos nd audios bt now whnever i’d tried to opn my files, it just shws ‘try again’ though i entrd the paswrd crctly….
    so please tell me, wht should be done

  104. i bought spark mobile nd some problems on my phone

    i have set on general mode on sound setting but not sound in notification message or phone ringtones but only vibrates what reason???sometimes this problem plzzz give me reason

    music player is not a working close it anything youtube always no sound

  105. hi am santhosh from chennai

    when i bought the micromax canvas that time usb portal working but now a days it’s not working. i don know to resolve that problems can u plz tel me that

  106. My phone spark are shutdown about low bttrey then not power on …i will charge the phon but charging not show

  107. sir i have two question
    1- it’s charging speed is slow with box charger can i charge it with other charger like lenovo adopter
    2-can it only support 3g not 2g?

  108. with spark 2 also available which one is a better phone spark or spark 2..also since battery is non removable, will there b any issues regarding replacing weak battery in future ?

  109. I have facing a problem with my canvas spark it is not charging when it is on it charges only i put it in switch off what should i do and i can not use my otg also ……………

  110. hi i have micromax canvas spark phone
    can you plz tell me the steps to move apps in sd card
    im getting any option to move it

  111. hi i have micromax canvas spark phonecan you plz tell me the steps to move apps in sd card im not getting any option to move it

  112. Suddenly the menu button disappears and doesnot show it till the phone gets rebooted again.please suggest some remedy for this problem as quickly as possible.

  113. Dear friends this is the worst mobile i seen in my life. for full charge it is taking 9 hours and battery comes only three hours and if we watch or if we play any games CPU over hetas to 60 and sometimes 70 also. so please dont prefer this mobile. its completely waste of your money.

  114. my canvas spark mobile is not working sim signal swith off /on two min signal is gone what problem bro …….?????

  115. Can I connect mouse and keyboard to canvas spark? How to connect it ? Wireless or wired keyboard and mouse?

  116. Will anybody help me to add user in my canvas spark. I checked whole device but there is no option. Please help me.

  117. I hv micromax canvas , my phone’s led flash light is automatically on and off , what is the solution

  118. mobile glass was broken badly but touch is working, wether they will change glass only or they change touch screen .

  119. my phone isn’t displaying incoming calls is just ringing but no display of the person calling… why is it happening? what to do…?

  120. Even after I lock the phone the toolbar is still accessible and anyone can activate the internet option or the hotspot.
    How can this be overcome?
    At present I am using the CM security app.
    But that cannot lock the toolbar.
    Please give a solution to this problem.

  121. bajvas phoine ha yarr i buyit 7000 inr rs it has many problem give an solution for my problem it can not open after switch off what done inot know i am angry if u not do anything i have to claim it and pput an you tube video of this phone i earlier put an video u can see that 3 problems of micromax q0380 ,,,,,,,,,i am waiting for reply

  122. bhai merebhe yhi problem ha phla to on ho jata tha abh nhi ho rha 1 din 1 rat ho gyi koi solution ha to batao plss

  123. abhishek sir help me i cant open it please reply after switchoff or reset i can not open it??????

  124. why u not tell us earlier before u sell it u can tell about this problem company should tell that not buy this for long time tum log to tarif krka kan pka deta ho asli ma to yhe phone bakvas ha aur tu bhi abshik reply to kar did kar so rha kya sallla

  125. I am not able to ply music while there is a lot of songs but it says canr play nd when someone call me it is not ringing whileit is on geberal mode what ido tell me???????????

  126. micromax spark Q 380 battery backup is very poor my phone battery is dead how can i get new battery ?

  127. my micromax q380 device having problem in wi-fi disconecting problem it disconect agai n again me xender se kuch leta hu tabh bhi disconect ho jata he pleas reply what to do

  128. i want to know that how can i solve the problem with the automatic time zone changing,,,, when i set the automatic time zone and automatic time and date after some moments its turns to gmt+2.30 summer time of austrelia…how can i solve the problem?

  129. 5 days hua cellfone liye but mera phone shutdown ho gaya hai 3hour charge karne ke baad bhi on nahi ho raha hai plz help me sir plz……………….

  130. sir mai micromax q380 5day hua liye mera cellfone shutdown hua fir maine 2hour charge kiya but on karne par on nahi ho raha hai plz help me sir plz………….

  131. Reset krne k pehle backup Lena h pure phone ka laptop me
    Apps wagere ka data restore hona chahiye ky kru?

  132. when i click pics its not saved ….the path shows dcim/camera bt that camera folder is empty what should i do???

  133. i have facing problem with my canvas spark -2 , since i can not download other apps in my phone its always shows insufficient storage when i downloads any app

  134. My canvas spark q380n is taking too much time aprox 4-5 hrs for charging. How can i fix this problem.
    And when i plug in to charge whenever its on 15% it doesnot encrese after 20-30 minut it increases to 16% and then 17/18…..

  135. Sir I have Micromax canvass 380 I disabled Android service app in my mobile . my mobile is shutdown and it’s not shut on again. What can I do for it.
    please guide me sir

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