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Best 5 Apps For Memory Boost, Mind Training For Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Curious about how to impress girls?

Then you must be thinking about joining a gym. Joining a gym might bring a change in your muscular strength, but wait what about your mental strength?

Oh yes for sure you should also think about increasing your mental strength/sharpening your brain, because I assume you are very well aware that for sure a girl won’t be impressed by you no matter how much “Bull Strength” and your brain is completely empty.

So now you understand the delicacy of the situation and wish to enhance your brain power too. Now the question is How would you do that?

Well in this age of Technology and Smartphones you need not get afraid about it as there are several brain boosting/brain teaser apps available for Smartphones. And just in case you have no interest in impressing a girl or already have one, then boosting your memory would also help you in various aspects of life.

So this time I have come up with Best 5 Memory boosting/sharpening Apps for your Android/iOs and Windows Phone Devices.

CogniFit Brain Fitness (Available for iOS) (Mode: Free/Premium subscriptions)

cogni cogni1 cogni2

As the name suggests, using this App you can improve your cognitive abilities (i.e. your memory and concentration level) by fun and addictive games developed by expert neuroscientists. The app allows users to sign up and  experience a series of exercises to check their mental abilities and to train further in various fields of memory, focus and attention. Users can also take a personalized training track, or simply play one off games.

One of the features of this app is the ability to challenge your connected friends/contacts to beat your performance, with Neurons (i.e. credits earned in-game or purchased) at a risk-factor for a bit of a competitive dimension.

Download link :- (iOS)

Lumosity (Available for Android & iOS) (Mode: Free/Premium subscriptions)

lumosity lumosity2 lumosity3

This app is divided into three sessions of games tailored to your mind-sharpening goals: memory, attention, problem solving, processing speed or flexibility of thinking. All these games are played against the clock and change every time. The users have to create a Lumosity account, then select particular mental faculties they want to exercise.  Then the app creates customized daily exercise routines with various mini-games built around those particular skills. The app also lets you track your scores, with difficulty adjusting to your performance and ensures that you’re always challenged.

The exercises offered by Lumosity’s tend more towards pattern recognition, reflexes and abstract puzzle solving, rather than just improving the language skills. The free users have access to a set of daily exercises, while the paid subscribers gain a premium access to a much wider variety of exercises and more features. According to its developers, “Just one session a day can improve mental skills and users can track progress and compare performance with others.”

Download link :- (Android) (iOS)

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Fit Brains Trainer (Available for Android & iOS) (Mode: Free/Premium subscriptions)

fit brain fit brain2 fit brain3

The Fit Brain Trainer app features more than 360 games and multiple training sessions specially designed to sharpen your memory, concentration and other mental abilities. Within the app a scoring system allows users to track their performance in each of the mental skill relative to other users of the same age/gender. The app uses the whole performance data to dynamically assess and adjust the difficulty of its games in accordance to your progress.

Download Link :- (Android) (iOS)

TrainBrain (Available for Windows) (Mode: Free)

trainbrain trainbrain2 trainbrain3

Okay so now coming for Windows Phone, there’s a bit scarcity of good brain teaser apps but finally we found one. There a very short description about this app as it specify its standards very much clearly. With TrainBrain you won’t get bored. You could Sum up, multiply numbers and get points for it. There is an option to share your score with your friends and soon enough you will find your mental faculties improving.

Download Link :- (Windows Phone)

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 Happify (Available for iOS) (Mode: Free/Premium subscriptions)

happify happify2 happify3

At last we have another really interesting app with us which we have brought up for you. Now You just want always wish to keep stressing your brain to be sharp or smart, What if to train your brain to be happier? Few researches have discovered that there are some activities help build your ability to conquer negative thoughts, show gratitude, cope with stress, and empathize (i.e. all essential components for a satisfied & happy life). Using various fundamentals of positive psychology while involving focusing on the strengths and the virtues that enable users to create fulfilling lives, the app’s quizzes, polls and gratitude journal along-with a positive community, slowly and gradually teaching multiple life-changing habits. The ultimate goal is to build these skills and keep a smile on the users face, all day long.

Download link :- (iOS)


At the end the summary of the story is apart from are using a Windows phone, if you use an Android or iOS then its very clear that you have a wide range of app options to choose from. You could easily download for free and use all these apps for enhancing your mental power many folds.

At last I would just say that no matter what your goal is, developing/polishing your mental skills are never going to harm you any way in future, So just go ahead and download the App most suitable one for you and Do mention your reviews and Feedbacks in the comments section.


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