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Top 5 Ways to Stop Breakage of Display Glass on Your Smartphone

Smartphones are all about bigger, shiny, glossy and beautiful displays which changes how we see things around us. But these displays are not damage proof. Smartphone manufacturer these days take utmost care to protect these displays by making them tougher and scratch resistant.


We owe a huge thanks to technologies like Corning Gorilla Glass, Asahi DragonTrail Glass and many more to count. These displays are not easy to break and it takes a lot to actually break them. But the thing is that we being humans usually use things recklessly around us. Smartphones are no exception and their displays are shattered once in a while.

Here are some tips to protect your display from breakage and other damage.

Do Not Use Foreign Objects


Smartphone displays are designed to respond to soft touches from our fingers and in some cases Styluses which are made specifically for that purpose only. But some people take it to the next level by using whole different variety of foreign objects that they can lay their hands on.

Be gentle with the displays and do not use other tools on them as you might be damaging them and scratching them for no reason.

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Protect Your Phone from Electrical Shocks


Do not let your smartphone to come in contact with any conductor of electricity. Electrostatic charges or sudden surge in electricity may cause the touchscreen to malfunction.

Try to keep them at a safe distance from all electrical equipment at all times. You may not want to spend a lot again on buying your dream smartphone again.

Avoiding Burn-Ins


The permanent discoloration of the smartphone’s display due to prolonged and irregular pixel usage is known as Burn-In. in simple terms when you keep the display on and idle for a very long time then the phosphorus compounds that emit light to produce images lose their intensity with time and get burn-in to the screen which means that they are visible all the time.

Set your smartphone display to turn off automatically when you are not using it or it is lying idle. Choose any time period according to your preferences like 2 minutes, 5 minutes or whatever you like.

Do Not Leave It under Sun Too Long


Smartphones mostly feature LCD displays and exposure to direct sun light over longer periods of time might damage the quality. Avoid exposing your smartphones to direct sunlight which just do not mean that you cannot take out the smartphone in sunlight.

Use protection

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Every smartphone user might have dropped their smartphone at one time or another. When it happens the worst fears come true and hearts skip beats to see a shattered and broken display.

There are so many mobile accessories from so many reputed brands that protect your smartphone from damage. It is better to invest a little in screen guards, cases and covers rather than spending huge in getting the damaged display replaced. Tempered Glass or toughened glass brings added protection to your smartphone display and protect it against breaking during falls so you should buy one.

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Taking care of smartphones is not hard and it do not takes a lot to use a smartphone carefully. However sometimes irrespective of how much we care for our beloved smartphones they break and get damaged so it is better to invest in some accessories which will protect them against falls and scratches. It is better to invest than to regret latter. If you know of any other tips that may protect the display from damage the do share with us via your comments.