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5 Tips to Remove Frame Drops While Gaming on Android

In the current day and age of advanced technology and specially if we think about the technology of the Smartphones sectors the development is do rapid that each week or month tons of smartphones are becoming old and by old we mean there is something in the market that can do the same task in a better way. One such task is Gaming on your phone. Yes, Everyone does’t play high end games on their mobiles but for those who wanna play or play high end games on a regular basis on their phones and come across lags and frame drops while playing games it can be very frustrating. If you are anything like me on this specific topic then you just can’t handle a lag on your phone.

So we will be here listing some interesting solutions for this problems, Some of these solutions will be requiring root access so do be careful before performing any of these tasks.














Games Are demanding. Multi-tasking can cause dropped frames. Either learn to do one thing at a time or buy an more expensive mobile phone to support heavy multitasking. On an android phone even running Google Chrome can be a toll on the CPU as chrome keep gets new updates and features which have to be supported by the CPU at the end of the day. So if you are facing Frame drops and Lags and have processes running in background then you must try clearing up everything before starting game.

When we clear all tasks from the multitasking column then we clear some amount of ram which can then be used to give more power to the game so that it can run a bit smoother.

This problem with multi-tasking or less ram mainly occurs with 1GB ram phones. So we do advice you to try and buy phone with ram more than 1 GB.

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Game Settings

Most high end games comes with Graphics settings in their setting column in which you can twerk the graphics settings and alter is according to your phones capability. For Example: Asphalt 8: Airborne has very intense graphics to play with but they know that all phones wont’t be able to support such heavy graphics so they have an option in settings in which a consumer can easily choose whether they use high settings or go as down as Low. This helps the phone to support the games easily and also deliver a present experience for customers.

Heat / Overheating

Overheating is one of the major reason why any phone can suffer from Frame Drops specially while gaming on the phone. When ever we play graphics intensive games the cpu and gpu tends to heat up and which leads to Throttling of the cpu so that the cpu or the gpu does not burn. While the throttling occurs there can be a major drop in the performance of the phone as the cpu goes to a under clocked mode. There is no easy fix to this problem but what as an user you can do is try playing such games under controlled environment like in an air conditioned room and if you can feel the phone heating at extreme temperatures then you can try and shutting down the phone for 5 min. which can help a lot. You must keep overheating the phone always in your mind as it is one of the worst way of killing your phone.


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With this GLTools , android for gaming performance will increase and can even show the effects of previously emerged. GLTools HH is very useful for low-end that has minimal specs to play HD games . Even games that were not played smoothly after using this application can be played smoothly.
improve gaming performance gltools
Before using GLTools applications , there are some who must do the Setup below :
  • Rooted device
  • Download GLTools ( here )
For How to Install and Setting GLTools
  • Turn on Internet data in order to HH you can also plugin installed
  • Install GLTools who have downloaded earlier in your HH
  • Open GLtools , a checklist of all – select install
  • HH you will automatically reboot
  • After HH you active again , Open GLTools , find the game you want to change the graph
  • Tick ​​the ‘ Fake GPU info ‘
  • Select a Tempalte use according to taste , wanna wear Adreno – Tegra – PowerVR – mali etc. , can also mengcostume own . But I suggest to choose Adreno 320 or Tegra 3
  • Tick ​​’ Enable costum Settings
  • Is complete , open the game and feel the change.

It is recommended to not do the graphics settings on system – wide because it was feared would bootloop as has been experienced by me.

If there is any Black Screen while playing the game, return to the original setting for the last GLTools gaming is concerned . This is because the Game HD has data respectively for a specific GPU . HH Suppose you have a PowerVR GPU and have previously installed games with data that are specific to PowerVR , the Automatic setting GLTools be problematic .


Some lags are mostly due to inefficient coding by game developers. On Android, many different devices with many different processors and screens have to be supported, meaning games aren’t exactly cut to fit the all devices.

What You’ll Need

  • Root access
  • Xposed Framework installed
  • Unknown Sources enabled

For How to Install and Setting BusyBox

  • Install BusyBox from Playstore
  • Install Performance Profile
  • Select Games That Present Laggy Gameplay
  • Configure Performance Profile
  • Now open the game and have fun.

Wrap up

A smartphone encountering with frame drops and lags is the worst thing that an smartphone owner has to face but it is also the truth of the smartphone technology that the older phones are becoming obsolete a way too soon. There is no permanent way of getting rid of this problem.


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