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Top 5 Best Apps to View Funny Videos And Pics on Android or iOS

The internet is an amazing invention. It connects us to friends and family, it keeps us up to date on the latest news, and… oh, who are we trying to fool. We all just want to watch some funny videos or pictures of funny cats, fail GIFs, and iPhone ad parodies.

For fun: best Android and iPhone apps for jokes and laughs

The good news is that, as always, there’s an app for the purpose. There’s a whole bunch of them, to be more specific, and the 5 that we’ve picked will keep you entertained for hours at a time. If you’re in the mood for memes, comedy skits, or a cute overdose, just explore below and pick your favorites.


9GAG is the place to go for the latest memes, funny gifs, and fails. Share and upvote the posts you like, upload your own images, or generate your own meme. If you have time to waste, you can’t go wrong with this one. Note that the app can be used without a registration, but you’ll be required to log in before commenting and viewing, ahem, special content.Download: Android | iOS



  • Every minute there is more funny content to laugh at
  • Post your own content
  • Vote for other users’ content


  • No meme generator in app
  • Internet connection required

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Funny or Die

The Funny or Die database contains tons of short funny videos, hilarious clips, humorous skits, oh, and did we say that it has videos? Yeah, and some of it is original FoD content.Download: Android | iOS



  • Big Data Base
  • Contains various types of Entertainment


  • Good Original FoD Content is difficult to find
  • Apps Needs some work (sometimes works slow)


Here’s one more app for getting your daily dose of funny. Break offers countless hours of hilarious videos and an endless stream of pictures that you can watch on your handheld. The app works well on tablets, too.Download: Android | iOS



  • Content provided is good
  • Family Friendly


  • No option of offline Content
  • Sometimes App feels a bit overwhelming

Buzz Feed

The BuzzFeed app is great for keeping track of the latest viral videos, images, links, and buzz while on the go. It includes the BuzzFeed front page and a number of feeds, including LOL, WTF, OMG, Cute, Geeky, and Trashy.Download: Android | iOS



  • Focused More towards animals (something different)
  • App works good


  • Less focused towards video content

College Humor

Pretty much anyone who knows their way around the internet has come across College Humor and the comic sketches that the guys there come up with. This app can stream College Humor videos, both old and new, straight to your mobile device.Download: Android | iOS



  • Latest Generations Humor
  • Rare Content as Its only present to this app


  • Not everything is Family Friendly
  • A Little small database compared to other apps.

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Wrap Up

So these were some apps that can provide any person at any point of time a good laugh. These apps that we have listed here are mainly for providing you with funny videos but these apps can also provide you with other great stuff like images,gifs.. etc. We don’t personally have any one favorite in these but if u have any app that you would like to see in the article above and did’t then do tell us by commenting here and share it with everyone else.

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