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5 Tricks to Avoid High Mobile Data Usage on Android

With our increased dependency on Internet, our data plan is a limitation. You don’t have to bother much about interaction between trusted apps and server when you are connected to your WiFi network, but with mobile data, you have to be cautious.

Use data compression in Opera Mini


A browser that compresses files from the internet can be a great boon. Opera Mini browser has a unique feature which allows you to compress data it can compress text and images from websites by almost 90% The feature works as advertised and is handy for stretching your smartphone data. You can also press the menu key to check how much you have saved.

Use Facebook Lite and Other in App Settings

Most of us have a Facebook account and the social network can harshly hog your data resources. Luckily, for developing countries, Facebook has also launched Facebook Lite, which doesn’t look as pretty, but can help you sail by consuming minimum system resources.


Most apps are considerate and give you the option to optimize usage when you are not connected to WiFi networks. For instance you can set Photos App to upload images only on WiFi network, you can set Youtube app to play HD videos only when on WiFi and so on. So just dive in App settings and optimize data usage.

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Manage Sync Settings

Restricting apps from connecting with respective servers can make a significant difference to your data consumption. You can visit Settings>>Account and disable sync wherever possible. You can tap on your google account and switch off sync for photos, contacts, etc.


If you think you would survive without app sync while using mobile data, you can also disable the sync all together from power widget, quick toggles or from Settings>>data usage>> menu>> Uncheck auto sync data. You can also restrict background data from the same place.


Cache Stuff For Offline Usage

A sureshot way to reduce data consumption is to keep what you know you will surely need on your device before you leave the comforting WiFi shelter. f you are fond of reading, it helps to keep apps like Pocket on your phone. You can share whatever you need to read later to your pocket, even from your PC and read it without being connected to internet.


Before a trip you can cache Google Maps offline and won’t need to turn on data. You can also save music to your device or use YouTube offline beforehand.

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Compress Images


We sometime have to share images on social media channels or via any other medium. If you often find yourself in similar situation, you can reduce data usage by keeping image compressing Apps like Image optimizer on your phone. The app gives you option to compress image with or without loss of quality.

5 Tricks to Avoid High Mobile Data Usage on Android


These are some of the methods you can use to reduce your precious Android data consumption by a margin. If any other method works better for you, share with us in the comment section below.


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