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Lenovo Phab Plus FAQ, Pros, Cons, User Queries, Answers

Lenovo is one of the largest smartphone manufacturing companies, it has been pushing various devices from its manufacturing unit. We have seen many weird devices coming up lately; one of them is the Lenovo Phab Plus with huge 6.8 inch display. This device looks like a phone but it measures like a tab, that’s the reason we call it Phab. Despite of the huge screen, it has a lot of attractive features for entertainment and productivity. We found out some answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Lenovo Phab Plus.

Lenovo Phab Plus Pros

  • Big screen for maximum viewing pleasure
  • Good rear and front camera
  • Dual-SIM support
  • Slim Aluminum body

Lenovo Phab Plus Cons

  • No Gorilla Glass protection
  • Battery is not user replaceable
  • SIM 2 slot shared with microSD
  • Too big in size, can’t be used with one hand
  • No HDMI port

Lenovo Phab Plus Quick Specifications

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Lenovo Phab Plus India Hands on Review, Camera and Features [Video]

Question- How is Design and Build Quality?

Answer- Lenovo Phab Plus is not like a normal 5 to 6 inches phone, it is almost 7 inches and it’s more of a phablet, as the name tells. It is a tall phone with trimmed bezels, which means there is no wastage of space. It’s built and design resembles of the Apple’s iPhone 6, it has aluminum back and rounded edges just like the iPhone. It is a slim and good-looking phone overall but knowing the size, you cannot expect it to rest into your palms very easily.

Lenovo Phab Plus Photo Gallery

Question- Does the Lenovo Phab Plus Have Dual SIM Slots?

Answer- Yes, it has Dual-SIM. It supports Nano-SIM/Micro-SIM, dual stand-by.

Question- Does the Lenovo Phab Plus  Have microSD Expansion option?

Answer- Yes, the Phab Plus has a microSD expansion slot. It supports microSD cards up to 64 GB.

 Question- Does Lenovo Phab Plus Have Display Glass Protection?

 Answer- The Lenovo Phab Plus does not have a display glass protection.

 Question- How is the Display of the Lenovo Phab Plus ?

 Answer- The full HD display on Lenovo Phab Plus is quite bright and crisp, although on a 6.8inch screen size more resolution would have done great. It’s good for those who like watching movies, reading, drawing or playing games on their phones. The touch response is also very good and the display does a great job in terms of colour reproduction.

 Question- Does Lenovo Phab Plus Support Adaptive Brightness?

Answer- Yes, it does support adaptive brightness.

Question- Are navigation Buttons Backlit?

Answer- No, the navigation buttons are placed at the bottom of the screen and work with the on-screen touch input.

Question- Which OS Version, Type Runs on Phone?

Answer- It comes with the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop skinned with the Lenovo’s own Vibe UI.

Question- Is there any Finger Print Sensor, How Good or Bad It Is?

Answer- No, fingerprint sensor is not available on this phone.

Question- Is Fast Charging Supported in Lenovo Phab Plus?

Answer- This phone does not have the fast charging feature.

Question- How Much Free Internal Storage is Available to User?

Answer- Out of 32 GB, 23.91 GB is available at the user end.

Question- Can Apps be Moved to SD card on Lenovo Phab Plus?

Answer- Yes, you can move the apps to SD card from the phone.

Question- How Much Bloatware Apps are Pre-installed, Are They Removable?

Answer- Yes it comes with 1.6 GB of bloatware apps pre-installed, but the good thing is that you can uninstall the bloatware on this phone.

Question- How Much RAM is free Available on the first Boot?

Answer-  Out of 2 GB, 1.3 GB of RAM is available on the first boot

Question- Does it have LED notification light?

Answer- Yes, it does have a LED notification light.

Question- Does it support USB OTG?

Answer- Yes, it supports USB OTG.

Question- How is The User Interface on The Phab Plus?

Answer- The UI offers a lot of customizable features. It is based on the Lenovo’s VIbe UI which is found in mostly in all other Lenovo phones as well, it is smooth and the best thing is that it is not messed up like many of the custom UIs. It has a really useful option for single hand usage as well, which may be oftenly required in a 6.8 inch phone.

Question- Does Lenovo Phab Plus offer theme options to choose from?

Answer- Yes, the Lenovo Phab Plus comes with few pre-loaded themes to choose from.

Question- How Loud is The Loudspeaker?

Answer- The speaker output is great on this phone, it is very loud and crystal clear.

Question- How is the Call quality?

Answer- The call quality is good, we did not face any problem while calling.

Question- How Good is The Camera Quality of The Lenovo Phab Plus?

Answer- The images produced by the primary camera looked good in terms of details and clarity, where the colour production was not as good as the other two. Natural Light images were more realistic and natural, where it showed a little lag in shutter while clicking in dark light.

Lenovo Phab Plus Camera Samples

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Question- Can we Play Full HD 1080p Videos on Lenovo Phab Plus?

Answer- Yes, it is capable of playing Full HD videos.

Question- How is Battery Backup on Phab Plus?

Answer- Lenovo Phab Plus features a 3500 mAh battery; which is a enough to run the 6.8 inch HD display. Though, we have not tested the device thoroughly, we can still expect a good battery performance with this battery size.

Question- What Color Variants Available for Lenovo Phab Plus?

Answer– Gunmetal Grey, Titanium Silver, Champagne Gold variants are available.

Question- Which Sensors are available on Lenovo Phab Plus?

Answer- It includes Accelerometer, proximity sensor and compass.

Question- What are the Dimensions & Weight of Lenovo Phab Plus?

Answer- It measures 186.6 x 96.6 x 7.6 mm and weighs 229 grams.

Question- Does it Support Double Tap to Wake Up?

Answer- Yes, it supports Double Tap to wake Up.

Question- What is the SAR Value of Lenovo Phab Plus?

Answer- SAR value not available for now.

Question- Does It Support Voice Wake up Commands?

Answer- No, it does not support voice wake up commands.

Question- Does Lenovo Phab Plus Have Heating Issues?

Answer- Yes, the device gets little warm at times, but does not have abnormal heating. The aluminum unibody structure and Snapdragon 615 combine to heat up the device a little bit.

Question- Can Lenovo Phab Plus be connected to a Bluetooth Headset?

Answer- Yes, it can be connected to a Bluetooth headset.

Question- How is the Gaming Performance?

Answer- This device comes with the Snapdragon 615 and 2 GB of RAM which sounds a fair combination for gamers. We have not tested gaming on this device, but we can expect a good gaming experience with such specifications and big screen, but we have doubt on how much it may heat.

Question- Mobile Hotspot Internet Sharing Supported?

Answer- Yes, you can create Hotspot and share internet from this device.


First of all, this phone is not for those who cannot carry a big phone everytime with themselves, it is for those who really have a heart for oversized phones and can click pictures, carry it in bag and hold it on to the ear to make calls without a pinch of awkwardness. Otherwise, it has solid mid-range specs and premium build quality to impress the users. Phab Plus is a fair deal and offers much better experience than existing phablet sized phones at this price.

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