Brace yourselves for upcoming Diwali sale across major e-commerce sites. If you are planning to buy a Smartphone, don’t give a second thought as it is the best time to buy one. To help you save more, we have listed 10 smartphones on which we are expecting a price cut.

Nexus 6P 64GB:

Launched in Sep 2015, it was acclaimed as the best android phone of 2015 by many Tech enthusiasts. For folks who love the vanilla android experience and cannot wait for the Android updates, Nexus 6P is the best phone you can buy. It (64GB version) is currently priced at 39,999 on Flipkart; however, it has received price cuts multiple times previously, and we believe it would be no different during the upcoming sale. It would be icing on the cake if it will be priced near Oneplus 3.

Current Price: 39,999/-

Guess price: 30,000-34,999/-Nexus 6P


Launched in June 2016, it is one of the few phones available in the Indian market with a screen size greater than 6 inches. For folks with big hands and love to consume a lot of media content on their smartphones, it would definitely satiate your needs. It is currently priced at 14,999 and has never received any price cuts. But recently it got a price cut in China, and we guess there is a bright chance for a price cut in India too.

Current price: 14,999/-

Guess price: 13,499-14,499/-Mi Max (9)

Huawei P9 32GB:

Launched in Aug 2016, it is one of the few phones with the dual-lens camera set-up available in the Indian market. Huawei has co-engineered with Leica, German optics enterprise, to produce the dual camera set up. It was well received around the globe due to its unique photography skills but couldn’t replicate the same in the Indian market due to its exorbitant price tag, 39,999.  Going by previous data, Huawei is cautious with price cuts, but we expect it would atleast get small price cut to make some noise in the market.

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Current price: 39,999/-

Guess price: 34,999-38,999/-

huawei p9

LeEco Le Max2 32GB:

Launched in June 2016, it has become the first Smartphone to promote digital music through USB type-C port. It is the cheapest smartphone available in the market with SD820 and QHD display. It has become even cheaper during recent LeEco EPIC 919 sale. So it is quite evident that it will receive a price cut again.

Current price: 22,999

Guess price: 19,999-21,999

LeEco Le Max 2

Nextbit Robin 32GB:

Launched in May 2016, with its unique design and cloud-based storage solution, it was able to create some impact on the Indian market. But due to subpar data speeds in India, it was not able to convince many Indian users. With the advent of Jio, few may consider buying at if it can be sold at cheaper price.

Current price: 19,999/-

Guess price: 13,999-17,999/-


Moto X-Force 32GB:

It stands out from the crowd with ShatterShield technology that makes it impervious to normal drop damage. But there are no other groundbreaking features to justify its exorbitant price tag. Despite recent price cut, it still carries a hefty price tag that entailed an abysmal reception in the Indian market. Only a substantial price cut can convince some to consider buying it now.

Current price: 34,999/-

Guess price: 24,999-33,999/-

Moto X Force 2

Samsung Galaxy J7-2016:

People looking for a decent performing phone from a tier one manufacturer should definitely consider this phone. S bike mode and data compression are some worth noting features. With the launch of galaxy J7 prime, we are expecting a decent price cut on this phone.

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Current price: 15,990/-

Guess price: 13,999-14,999/-

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 32GB:

Say its design, performance or display; it is not an exaggeration to claim Samsung has achieved near perfection with Note 5. Initially, it is marred with S-pen controversy but soon picked up sales across the globe. With the advent of galaxy note 7, we are expecting a price cut on note 5 this festival season.  It still stands tall in 2016 and you should definitely consider it if there will be any price cut.

Current price: 42,990/-

Guess price: 35,999-40,999/-


Asus Zenfone 3 32GB:

Asus finally ditched its age old design and paved a way for major overhaul with the launch of Zenfone 3.  It also revamped the UI that is more user-friendly now. With the new design, nice camera, the nifty performance it could have created ripples in the market but sadly the extravagant price tag spoiled it. We guess Zenfone 3 will receive at least a small price cut to lure customers.

Current price: 21,999/-

Guess price: 19,999-21,499/-

Zenfone 3 (11)

Lenovo Vibe X3 32GB

It should be tagged as the most underrated phone. Lenovo has done a great job by incorporating then flagship hardware at a very competitive price. Unfortunately, it couldn’t sustain the competition from its Chinese peers. The company has recently launched its 2016 flagship Zuk Z2 plus at 19,999, so we guess it will definitely ponder over giving a good price cut on Vibe X3.

Current Price: 19,999/-

Guess price: 16,999-18,999/-

Lenovo Vibe X3 (9)

Honourable mentions:

LeEco Le 2, iphone 6 series, Samsung On5 and On7, Nexus 5X, OnePlus 2.

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