Sony Xperia XZ, the new flagship device by Sony available at 49,999 INR. We have been using this device for last 20 days and this is what we have to say about it. Lets dip into each important feature one by one.

Xperia XZ (19)

Sony Xperia XZ Specifications

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Display and Build Quality

It has 5.2 Inches of display with Full HD resolution, which seemed really clear to us from all the viewing angles. However, corning Gorilla Glass could not protect the screen for more than a day. We don’t have any explicitly visible scratch but if you will view closely you may find numerous scratches.

I think the scratches is pretty normal with every phone if you are one of those careless users. Other than that, the Sony displays have always impressed me with the type of richness it has in terms of colour production and sharpness.

The Xperia XZ is made out of tough alloy which Sony calls ALKALEIDO, it is pretty smooth to touch and still feels very robust. No doubt, the phone looks and feels amazing in hand.

Once you hold this device in hand, you get a very nice grip because of matte finish (not the glossy one) at the back. I tried scratching the body but it did not get a scratch easily. Rounded edges and the handy design make it easy to use with one hand.


This is the section, where you will never compromise after paying this kind of money. Don’t worry! you will not have to with Sony Xperia XZ. It felt as if 3GB RAM was enough for more than 100 applications that I installed over the device.

Now, I don’t have the habit of force closing all the applications every now and then. Moreover, I did not have to, which made it really comfortable for me to use this device fluently. It comes with Modern Combat pre-installed, which was running without any lag. Apart from this, I had installed all the Supercell games and they were running just fine.


This is main reason why we have fan following of Sony Xperia devices. Their low-light sensors are being used in every other Android flagship smartphone sensors. After taking a good number of photos we realized that low-light visibility was pretty good with Sony Xperia XZ, however the high-level detailing was missing in bright light photos (as compared to other flagship competitors in the market). Front camera of 12 MP was great in both low and bright light conditions.

Xperia XZ (13)

It also has the feature of Object tracking which locks its focus on an object and keeps following it.

For detailed insights, you can read our in-depth camera review HERE.

Sony Xperia XZ Camera Samples


This is something which disappointed me a little because with a screen size of 5.2 inches and Full HD resolution, 2900 mAh battery is just not enough. This anticipation came out to be true as upon my normal usage the battery did not even last of half a day. I have been keeping 4G, location and Bluetooth (for BLE connection) ON all the time and this was enough to drain out the battery completely in first 12 hours of my working day. now, as claimed by Sony it has STAMINA mode but then it restricts most of your smartphone function and decreases the performance to a huge extent.

It has a fast-charging supported feature which makes sure that it gets fully charged in an hour.

Xperia UI

To be really honest, I have always been a fan of Stock Android. It is simple and clean. This time, Xperia UI with Marshmallow has been kept very close to stock version. The drop down option on the home screen has not been altered at all. Overall UI seems quite neat and fluent.

I did not face any unusual lag or stutter while using the phone for heavy tasks. Even the prolonged usage did not make it struggle.

Final Verdict

Well, if you have been using Sony for a long time and looking forward to another good device then Sony Xperia XZ should be a must buy for you. However, you can get a slightly better camera and battery with other flasghips (Samsung and Motorola) available at the same price.

Overall, the hardware and software has been very impressive this time. Even though the battery was not that impressive, but you will still not regret paying the cost for the quality it offers.