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Airtel Internet TV FAQ, User Queries And Answers

Airtel today launched its new consumer entertainment oriented product today. Named Airtel Internet TV, the leading telecom provider is expanding its Direct to Home portfolio and adding a new set of technologies. Airtel Internet TV is based on Android TV and includes full support of Android TV apps and games.

Airtel Internet TV Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Airtel Internet TV?

Answer: Airtel ‘Internet TV’ comes with inbuilt-Wi-Fi receiver, Bluetooth based remote control and is integrated with Google voice search feature. Customers can discover their favourite content by simple telling the remote and choose from a variety of content sources.

Question:What comes in Airtel ‘Internet TV’?

Answer: There is a sleek Airtel ‘Internet TV’ STB with 4K content ready and enabled LIVE TV shows which can be paused, recorded or even rewind. It also supports content via USB and Bluetooth.

Question: Does it require “Internet”?

Answer: Internet is not compulsory. Airtel Internet TV is a hybrid between a regular set top box and an Android TV box. In the end, you get the best of both worlds – you can continue to watch TV without internet. You can also enjoy Android TV by using an internet connection – either through Wi-Fi or via a LAN cable.

Question: What is the price of Airtel Internet TV?

Answer: Airtel ‘Internet TV’ is priced at Rs. 4,999/- with 3 months Digital TV Subscription.

Question: Is there any other offer?

Answer: A limited period offer is there in which ONE YEAR subscription can be taken at Rs. 7999.

Question: Where can I buy Airtel ‘Internet TV’?

Answer: Airtel ‘Internet TV’ will be available exclusively on Amazon India starting April 12,2017.

Question: Will it be available offline as well?

Answer: It will be available via Airtel Digital TV touch points – retail stores/website/contact centers soon after online launch.

Question: I am an existing Airtel Digital TV customer. Is this for me as well?

Answer: Existing Airtel Digital TV customers can also upgrade their existing STBs to ‘Internet TV’ STB.

Question: Is the any other bundled offer as well?

Answer: Yes, ‘Internet TV’ customers need to register for myHOME on MyAirtel app can can avail upto 25GB additional data on their Airtel Broadband account every month.

Question: Can it be synced with Google Playstore?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Are  there any OTT apps in Airtel ‘Internet TV’?

Answer: Yes, it’s preloaded with Netflix, Airtel Movies, YouTube, Google Play Music, Google Play Games, Plus 500+ TV Channels.

Question: What are the other connectivity features?

Answer: It has inbuilt Chromecast, Wi-Fi Receiver and Bluetooth Connectivity.5

Question: Who is the manufacturer of Airtel ‘Internet TV’ STB?

Answer: LG.

Question: Are there any other benefits apart form offers mentioned above?

Answer: Yes, with both 3 months and 12 months subscription you get:

  • 1 month Netflix trial
  • Free TV Games from Airtel
  • Eros Now : 3 months free subscription
  • All SD channels
  • All HD channels
  • Airtel Broadband Benefits.

Question: How is it better than regular dth set-top boxes or different from competitors?


  • It has a Bluetooth remote control, also you can now use your phone as a smart controller for playing Games and use it as a remote also.
  • Airtel InternetTV is an Android based 4K set-top box that comes with 2GB RAM and 8GB internal memory. It also supports – Google Voice-search, Dolby ATMOS, SD Card and multiple USB slots.
  • It has Inbuilt 4K Chromecast for casting and screen mirroring your phones content.
  • You can connect your Bluetooth devices such as Speakers, headsets to enjoy better audio.
  • It supports latest Dolby ATMOS technology for better experience

Question: What is the change in technology with this box?

Answer:Airtel I ter et TV is I dia’s 1st Hybrid DTH set-top box based on Google Android TV platform

Question: What applications supported on Chromecast?

Answer:List of Chromecast enabled apps can be found at

Question: Weather conditions will still impact or can I view Internet TV without any issue?

Answer:DTH signal will still be impacted if weather conditions are not good and signals reception is blocked or interrupted. Internet based services will run absolutely fine as long as connectivity is present.

Question: Are there separate charges for using YouTube/Airtel Movies/Netflix?

Answer:There is no cost to use YouTube and other Google provided applications. There are many free games and Apps available that can be downloaded on the InternetTV. Airtel Movies comes with Free 3 month subscription for Eros Now movies on pre-authorization basis. Later customer has to pay separately for the service. To watch Netflix, separate subscription is required. While Netflix offers 1 month free trial for new subscribers on pre-authorization basis.

Question: Will my existing digital TV remote work with InternetTV set-top box?

Answer: No. InternetTV set-top box will come with a new Bluetooth remote control with special keys like Voice, Airtel Home, and Android Home.

Question: How can I check for latest software?

Answer: Under Android Settings, about section you can check if there are any System Updates and Remote control software update available.

Question: What are the features of Mobile Application?

Answer: Airtel Gamepad App can be used as a soft game pad to navigate and play different games available on the InternetTV platform.

Question: Is the App chargeable?

Answer: There is no extra charge for using the Airtel Gamepad.

Question: Minimum OS requirement for Airtel Gamepad application.

Answer: Android Jellybean 4.2.2 and iOS 8.0 Onwards.

Question: How do I update the Apps that are installed on my Set-top box?

Answer: Default settings on Google Playstore are to update the apps automatically whenever STB is connected with internet. These updates will happen in the background and might slow down the performance for the update duration. You can disable the auto app updates if you face such a problem. This is NOT recommended as you will miss on the latest updates and fixes from different apps.


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