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Airtel Suffers Temporary Network Outage In Delhi-NCR, Now Restored

Airtel users were hit by a network outage in Delhi-NCR on Friday, July 7, from 7 PM to 10 PM. The users in various parts of Delhi-NCR complained and took to social media to express about the network outage, confirming a state-level network outage on Airtel networks.

The company tweeted a ‘Corrupt Node’ as the reason for the outage. About an hour after the network outage, the company tweeted that they were facing a technical issue and were on to resolving it already.

Airtel’s take

Later the company also tweeted that the network had been restored but people tweeted about the network being unable to receive calls and send SMS.

Although the company also sent an apology to the consumers today morning, apologizing for the network failure in Delhi-NCR area.

Airtel Network outage

Why is it a Big Deal?

Network outages would not have been as much a major issue 10 years back when only calls and SMS were gone. Today is a different scene altogether as many of us rely on cellular data for everyday life. If a network blackout happens, it can be a lot more inconvenient these days.

Airtel, which now enjoys over 11.6 million mobile consumers in Delhi-NCR provides services like Wync Music and Airtel Money that is used as a primary wallet by people. Even online transactions had come to a halt for Airtel network users as the One Time Password was not coming on their number.

Apart from this outage, Airtel has usually provided good service and data speeds to its consumers. This is based on my experience. As with all things, this can vary depending on your location. TRAI’s monthly 4G speeds reports have also shown Airtel to be nowhere near the top – Reliance Jio has continued to top TRAI’s 4G download speed reports.

Additionally, it is also worth noting that there were some reports from Reliance Jio users from West Bengal regarding Reliance Jio services being disrupted for small durations. It looks like all systems are back to working fine now.


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