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[Updated] Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Explodes, Caught On CCTV Camera

Xiaomi’s best seller phone in India, Redmi Note 4 allegedly exploded and caught fire in a Bengaluru store, as per reports. The incident also caught on CCTV and can be clearly seen in the video uploaded by PhoneRadar on YouTube.

According to an initial report by TechCase, Arjun, a Bengaluru resident purchased the Redmi Note 4 and visited a nearby local store for inserting SIM into the device. As can be seen in the video, when the shop boy tries to open the SIM slot for inserting the card, the phone instantly bursts into flames.

Xiaomi responded to the incident by saying,

“At Xiaomi, customer safety is of utmost importance to us. We have reached out to the customer to investigate this matter, and are awaiting further response.”

Luckily for both the owner and shopkeeper, nobody was injured in the mishap. The incident reportedly happened on July 17 and now, according to the same report, the customer has got the replacement Redmi Note 4 from the same store in Bengaluru.

Though this is the first and only incident of the Redmi Note 4 blasting. However, some other Xiaomi devices too have reported blasting in the past. Coincidently, on the same date a year back, another user, reported that his Xiaomi Mi 4i smartphone burst into flames in office while it was simply lying on his desk.

Smartphones bursting and catching fire is not a new incident for now. Last year, most notable one was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Although, in the case of the Note 7, the explosions happened due to a faulty battery. But, this Xiaomi phone apparently seemed bursting out of nowhere.

Xiaomi earlier was known for selling its phone on online platforms only. But the Chinese smartphone maker has started expanding its offline presence in India. It has recently opened two Mi Home stores in India, that are located in Bengaluru.


Xiaomi has issued a statement that the video posted is unverified and is not related to the Arjun and his Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. The company has also replaced Arjun's Redmi Note 4 with a new device. Here is the full statement from the company –

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Statement


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