Airtel Has Fastest 4G Average Speed, Reliance Jio Slowest: OpenSignal

Jio vs Airtel

Reliance Jio offers the slowest 4G speeds in India on average, reports OpenSignal. Also, when it comes to average peak speed, Jio’s network provides the second-best speed following Airtel which tops the chart in average peak speed.

The London-based wireless coverage mapping website OpenSignal, claims that Airtel also tops in average 4G download speed in India. On the contrary, India’s telecom regulatory authority, TRAI has consistently ranked Jio as the country’s fastest 4G network and Airtel as the worst.

The report shows the results between the period of December 2016 and February 2017 and the company claims that it has collected the data from 93,464 users in India.

Jio 4G Average Download Speed

The report claims Reliance Jio’s average 4G download speed is 3.9 Mbps. which is slowest among all top telecom operators in the country. Airtel leads the pack here with average download speed close to 12 Mbps followed by Vodafone and Idea Cellular.

Jio 4G Average Peak Speed

As per the report, at the average peak speed front, the Jio network is performing at optimal conditions. It stands second in the list with 50 Mbps speeds. In comparison to Jio’s peak speed, the average peak speeds of Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea are 56.9Mbps, 36.5Mbps, and 29.8Mbps respectively.

reliance_jio_Internet Speed

OpenSignal comments on this, as most of the time Jio subscribers are not able to avail the peak speed. But every once in awhile, they “stumble onto an incredibly fast connection.”

Our data shows that Jio’s slow average 4G speeds aren’t a technical limitation, but rather a capacity bottleneck. As Jio adds more capacity – either through new spectrum or building more cell sites – or as Jio’s mobile data consumption levels drop, then its typical download speeds should increase, the company tells in a blog post.

The internet speed by different telecom operators in India has been a matter of debate over the past year. Reliance Jio has become the fastest-growing telecom operator in India. Recently, it has surpassed a subscriber base of 125 million users in less than a year of its launch. Now, this latest report comes as a challenge to the company.