Paytm has rolled out a new feature that will allow users to send money to their contacts directly via phone book. However, the feature is currently available for Android users only and is integrated in the smartphone’s custom phone book.

Now, users don’t need to open the Paytm app on their device to send money. They can simply send the money to their contacts by simply opening the phone book and selecting the contact to send money to their Paytm wallet.

How The Feature Works

To use the feature, users need to open the phonebook on their device. Then, select the contact that they want to send money to. They will then see a ‘Send Money’ option followed by the contact’s phone number. After tapping on it, they will be directed to Paytm app where they can directly choose the amount of money they wish to send. Then enter the desired amount and tap ‘Proceed to Pay’. The amount will be transferred to your contact.

Paytm has also tweeted about the new feature with a short clip explaining how it works.

The payment shortcut from Paytm has been integrated into Android devices only for now. In order to receive and send money through Paytm, both the parties need to have the Paytm app installed on their smartphones.

Paytm, the digital wallet company already houses several services like paying electricity, water, phone bills and also booking train, movie or flight tickets etc. It had also launched an e-store, Paytm Mall, a separate app focused on online shopping.

Also, to recall, the Paytm is planning to launch its own messaging service by the end of the month. It is to be noted that with the new service, Paytm users will be able to send audio, video, pictures and texts files to their contacts directly from the app.

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