Uber India

Online Cab aggregation service Uber has rolled out two new features ‘in-app chat’ and ‘multi- destination’ in India. The chat feature will help riders and driver partners get in touch with one another via chats. The multi-destination feature will enable riders to add multiple stops along their route.

After rolling out the chat feature in the US, Uber has now brought the feature in India to improve the experience for its riders as well as driver partners. The feature is a chat messenger integrated within the app. Both the features are being rolled out in phases, and are supported on both Android and iOS devices.

In-app chat

Using the in-app messaging feature, riders and drivers both can share information like their exact location without incurring any call charges. It is meant to be an alternative for the in-app calling feature and nobody needs to switch between apps when trying to connect.

uber in app chat

Moreover, the chat feature also allows offers multiple language options for both riders and drivers. They will have the option of picking their local language as well. Also, both riders and driver partners will be able to see if their chats were delivered and read, helping confirm the communication.

To use in-app chat in Uber, riders can select the “contact” option, which they use to call up the driver. Now, along with the call option, they will now also get an option to “chat”. There, you can send a quick text to the driver about your exact location. This is also effective in POOL trips, where a driver can identify, which rider has sent the chat.

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“This feature also means that regardless of where they are located across the globe, riders and drivers won’t have to share their phone number with one another should they have to get in touch,” Uber said in a statement.

Multi-Destination Booking

Uber has also introduced a new multi-destination feature. This will let riders add multiple stops along their route. To use this feature just a few taps on the app when booking a ride, are required.

uber multi destination

The rider must type the first location in ‘Where To’ and from there, multiple locations can be added by tapping on the ‘+’ symbol.  This feature also allows riders to remove stops during the trip. Users can add a total of three destinations, other than the final.

Uber believes the new features will give it an extra edge over home-grown Ola. Also, to be mentioned, Uber recently integrated UPI based payments in India.