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Google Photos get cache feature, now replay videos with using additional data

Google seems to be focussing on refining their apps as Google Photos just got a new ‘Cache’ feature. While this is a feature that was much needed but not demanded, Google has added it to Photos now. This means you will be able to play back videos as many times as you want, without using additional data.

For this seamless playback, Google Photos will now store a cache of videos on your phone, so when you replay a video, no additional data is used. On one hand this is a very useful feature but on the other hand, it could be a problem for phones with limited storage.

Google Photos gets Cache

Google Photos Cache

Cache on Google Photos will be a separate space where the videos you watch will be stored. This space may not be directly accessible to you, but every time you play an old video, Google Photos will use the cached version to save data.

While this latest update is available on Play Store already, it might be problematic for phones with limited storage capacity. Even after day to day usage, we get about 300 to 400 MB of cached data on our phones, so storing videos on cache will definitely take more space. Other than this limitation, it is a great feature for saving data.

What is Cache?

Caching is the process of saving data temporarily so the browser, site or app doesn’t need to download it each time. In a nutshell, Cache memory stores your preferences and makes your phone a little faster in daily usage.

Although, in the context we are talking here, Cache will be a buffer memory where Google Photos will be able to store videos for playback from within the phone, avoiding the use of extra data for the same videos.


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