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Truecaller update brings number scanner, fast track numbers and more

Popular caller ID app Truecaller has introduced new features to its app with the latest update. The new features are designed to make the app more convenient for its users. Interestingly, the latest features will be available in India only for now.

Truecaller has introduced a simpler way to dial a number from your phone. Now, you do not need to dial a number when someone gives a business card. With this new feature, you can scan the phone numbers using your phone’s camera. Apart from this, the company has also integrated various helpful toll-free numbers in the app.

Number Scanner

Truecaller Number Scanner

The first feature called Number Scanner will allow you to scan phone numbers from business cards, boards and pretty much from anything else by using your phone’s camera from the truecaller app.

You can access this option by tapping the new camera icon in the Search bar within the Truecaller app and pointing the camera in the direction of the object. Alternatively, you can tap the hamburger icon within the app to trigger a small camera mode within the menu – in both cases, the app automatically detects phone numbers within the frame without you needing to ‘click’ a picture.

The app can also detect multiple numbers in the frame, and lets you choose the one you want to proceed with. However, it can not scan the number from an image that is already in your phone gallery. You have to capture the image in real time using Truecaller.

Further, the number scanner does not require an internet connection to work. However, if you have an active internet connection, it can look up the number in the Truecaller database and show you the name of the respective person.

Fast Track Numbers

The second new feature is called Fast Track Numbers. Truecaller has integrated certain toll-free numbers including emergency services and various other categories like Airlines, Banks, Hotels, and more into the Truecaller app. The feature makes these number accessible via the search bar in the app. These Fast Track Numbers are available even when you are not connected to the internet.Truecaller Fast track Numbers

Moreover, with this update, users will also see a new option for their contacts. They will be able to send money, request for money, recharge, and send a Truecaller Flash message within the contacts app on the phone. To recall, Truecaller has already integrated UPI payments within its app. It is to be noted that a similar feature was introduced by Paytm where users can directly send money through their phone book.

The new features will be available via the Truecaller Android app version 8.45, which will roll out to all users in a few days. Notably, these features will only be available in India for now.

Satyendra Pal Singh

Satyendra Pal Singh

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