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Twitter is testing a new feature that will allow you to compose tweetstorms

Twitter is reportedly testing a new feature for Android that will let you post a series of tweets in a single go. Popularly known as tweetstorm, the feature is not live yet and maybe hidden inside its Android App.

Currently, users have to post tweets one at a time and with a 140-character limit. Further, users have to post another tweet or reply to earlier in sequence. Now, with the tweetstorm feature, you can write threads of tweet at a time and share them all simultaneously.

According to screenshots posted by the Next Web’s Matt Navarra, Twitter is considering adding ‘Tweet Storm’ feature that would let users write out their entire thread before posting it all at once. The feature is currently not available for public testing and seems hidden.

Source: Matt Navarra

The 140-character restriction was irksome to some users who might not be accustomed to services that limit text posts. Earlier, the micro-blogging site had stopped counting photos, videos, quote tweets, and polls from the 140-character limit.

However, Twitter refused to comment on this, but the feature may arrive on its mobile apps very soon. As of now, composing a thread of tweets means replying to the previously published Tweet. This takes a bit of time, and you may also lose track to the original tweet in the chain. So, if the feature is rolled out, it could simplify the entire process.

This new tweet storm feature could make easier tweeting any information that contains more than allowed characters. This might also help more users to get on board the Twitter more easily. As of 2017, the microblogging site has at least 328 million monthly active users.


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