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Smartron and USC team up to work on personalized education using wearables

Indian OEM Smartron is collaborating with the Center for Human Applied Reasoning & the Internet of Things (CHARIOT) at USC. The collaboration is taking place to conduct a research on personalized education using wearables and machine learning technologies.

While this is a one-of-its-kind collaboration, it is aimed to derive new and innovative solutions for education. With evolving IoT ecosystem, we can think of new ways to register faster feedback and more precise teaching methods based on wearables and machine learning technologies.

Smartron and Internet of Things

Smartron tronX OS

Smartron is India’s first OEM and IoT brand. They’ve recently entered the IoT market with tronX OS, and intelligent ecosystem that monitors, registers and synchronizes itself over multiple verticles from health and education to agriculture and infrastructure. Through tBand, which a part of this ecosystem, tronX will be able to gather data on health and education verticals.


CHARIOT is a collaboration between the USC Rossier School of Education and USC Viterbi School of Engineering to combine cutting-edge cognitive science and education research with emerging IoT technologies to revolutionize personalized learning. CHARIOT visualizes that shifting the focus of instruction to incorporate IoT will result in a paradigm shift in understanding the cognitive and emotional processes in the learning sciences and create products based on their findings.

About Smartron and CHARIOT collaboration

The collaboration between Smartron and CHARIOT is aimed at doing a research on personalization and increasing effectiveness of education using various sensors and monitors in the form of wearable devices.

Smartron founder Mahesh Lingareddy commented on the collaboration,

“Real personalized learning is about understanding the students’ cognitive readiness to learn combined with environmental factors. With our wearables powered by tronX™, we will be able to gather and analyze the data to help create the most effective learning interventions for students who may need it, but may not necessarily ask for it. Hardware and software innovation spurred by IoT and AI is the next big wave in technology and with tronX™.”

CHARIOT Co-Director, Kenneth Yates said

“Incorporating wearable devices and artificial intelligence into the daily curriculum and teaching methodologies could help teachers to effectively map students’ learning curve and administer tailored interventions at the right time.”


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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