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Google is now working on integrating the Google Duo video calling app into your Android phone’s dialer and messages. With this integration, you will be able to use Duo to quickly make video calls to your contacts who have installed the app.

While video calling in already integrated into some dialers, Google is now interlinking it with Duo. When the new updates roll out, you will be able to make Duo video calls to contacts directly from your dialer or messages app.

About Google Duo

Google Duo Voice Calling

Google Duo is a one-to-one video calling app from Google. It is rated as the highest quality video calling app based on Signals Research Group technical study. The app comes with a simple UI and is now getting integrated into Android phones more deeply.

Some good features of the Duo app are ‘knock knock’, cross-platform calling, and audio calls. Knock knock feature shows you the caller’s live preview before you answer a video call. Cross-platform calling refers to the independence of calling from Android to iOS and vice versa. Lastly, audio calling is there for the times when the signal quality is too low for video calls.

Duo integration into Android phones

After several updates and refinements, Google has begun adding Duo to their apps suite. Now with this integration, you will be able to make Duo video calls to your contacts using Duo.

Google Duo Android integration

The main integration is in the phone app. From the phone app version 13 and up, you will get a video calling icon for making Duo calls. You will get this option while you’re in-call with another Duo user, while searching for a contact, and in call history.

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Also, the Contacts app version 2.1 and up will show video calling icon next to the contact’s name. In the Android messages app, you’ll get the video option in conversations on version 2.6 and up. You can download the Google Duo app from Play Store here.