Motorola Moto E3 Power explodes in Rewari, Haryana

Moto E3 Power explodes featured image

A Motorola phone, the Moto E3 Power caught fire and exploded in the Rewari, Haryana. The incident happened after charging the phone. The owner of the Moto E3 Power says that he was using the official charger and that the phone was also purchased on September 20.

While Motorola has stated that they are looking into the matter, the cases of smartphone misfires are spreading across brands now. Starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, the misfire has happened with Xiaomi, JioPhone and now Motorola as well.

About Moto E3 Power Misfire

The recent case of a Motorola Moto E3 Power has surfaced in Rewari, Haryana. The owner of the phone, Sachin Yadav said that he had purchased the phone on September 20 and used the original charger for charging.

He stated that he had charged the phone up to 80% with the official charger and then placed it on the table. Shortly after charging, the Moto E3 Power started emitting smoke from the bottom and caught fire. The result was that the phone’s back panel was split into two.

In the provided image, we can see that the major damage is done at the bottom where the battery is housed along with the micro USB port. The heat even managed to damage the upper-half of the phone as the chassis above the camera setup is also defaced.

Sachin Yadav, owner of this Moto E3 Power managed to record a video of the incidence on his wife’s phone. He stated,

“I called the customer care and told them about it. They registered a complaint, and after 2 hours they called me again and asked me to send a picture of the phone on their email id. After that, I have not received any call or mail. I have tweeted several times to their page but no response.” 

Motorola has issued a statement to 91mobiles,

“We are contacting the customer and investigating the situation. Motorola batteries are tested in our own labs, in addition to official certification which is performed at third party labs, consistent with industry practice. The internal testing provides an additional level beyond industry standards. Additionally, we work directly with our suppliers to ensure manufacturing testing, materials, and design consistently produce high quality batteries.”