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Xiaomi has added new the Mi VR Play 2, Mi Power Bank Pro, and Mi Noise canceling earphones to its Indian portfolio. Widening the approach by introducing a VR headset and Type-C earphones, Xiaomi has once again shown their aggressive expansion approach.

While the Mi VR Play 2 is a new product, the Mi Power Bank Pro and the Mi Noise Cancelling earphones are improved versions of already existing products. Here is all about the new product lineup from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2

Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2

The new Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 is a VR headset that is compatible with Google Cardboard apps and is made of premium fabrics. Xiaomi says they’ve designed it for comfortable usage even for a long period.

With a 93-degree field of view, the Mi VR Play 2 comes with Aspheric lenses. The phone sizes compatible with the headset are between 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch smartphones. With an additional Nylon head strap, the Mi VR Play 2 is entirely made of breathable fabric.

The Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 is available for Rs. 1,299 and can be bought here.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro

The Mi Bank Pro is a 10,000 mAh power bank with a premium build and fast charging output. With Double Anodized Aluminium chassis, the Mi Power Bank Pro comes with a high conversion rate of 93%, which means you will get at least 7,100 mAh output out of the total 10,000 mAh capacity.

The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro is priced at Rs. 1,599 and you can buy it here.

Xiaomi Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones (Type-C)

Xiaomi Mi Noise Canceling earphones (Type-C)

The noise canceling earphones from Xiaomi has now received an update. Now the Mi Noise canceling earphones come with USB Type-C connectivity. Featuring a titanium build and braided cable, these earphones come with Digital Noise cancellation support, allowing you to toggle it on and off on demand. Also, they come with MEMS microphones in both earbuds to detect and cancel ambient noise.

You can buy the Mi Noise canceling earphones for Rs. 2,999 here.


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