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Google Files Go is the new app for storage management and file transfer

Google has introduced a new app in the Early Access program. The Files Go app is a simple application for file transfer and management. While the beta program for the app already seems full, the listing is now hidden.

There are multiple options for file management on the Google Play Store. However, a simple app from Google itself, like the Files Go app will be a welcome move. It has a simple interface with few commands and easy offline sharing option.

About Google Files Go

The Files Go app from Google is a simple and easy-to-use application. With this app, you get two tabs at the bottom, namely ‘Storage’ and ‘Files’ tabs. It is a file manager and also allows you to clean up storage and share files without internet.

Starting with the Storage tab, you get a description of the space taken up by media from various sources. Files Go shows you cards telling the source (for example WhatsApp Media) and the space taken by the media. You can clean up unnecessary items to free space.

Not only this, you can dismiss the cards if you don’t want to clean up storage from a particular source. You can do so by swiping right on the cards. The app can be refreshed to show updated data by pulling down in the ‘storage’ tab.

Coming to the Files Tab, it is where the files are managed for your phone. You get various categories like ‘Videos’, ‘Images’ and ‘Downloads’ in the files tab. From these categories, you see the media and its source. So you can easily browse through ‘WhatsApp videos’ and ‘ShareIt videos’ separately.

Also, the Files tab also comes with a file transfer option. This option allows you to send and receive files without an internet connection. It is a high-speed connection that uses Bluetooth to pair with your friends and allows you to share data.

Files Go Download and Compatibility

Since the app is still in ‘Early Dev Build’ stage, it is not a stable app which is available for all. The Files Go app is not listed on Google Play Store anymore. However, since the testing has begun, you can expect the app to be on the Play Store soon. The app is compatible with phones having Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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