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Monument Valley 2 now available on Android for Rs. 400

The successor of the widely appreciated mobile game Monument Valley, the Monument Valley 2 is now making its way to Android. Introduced as an iOS exclusive, the game has now been made available on the Google Play Store.

Monument Valley 2 is a completely different adventure so you don’t need to play the first part to enjoy this one. You can get the game for Rs. 400 on the Google Play Store in India. Monument Valley 2 is a puzzle-adventure game where you have to guide the characters by manipulating architecture.

About Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley is a puzzle adventure game that started as an iOS exclusive. Now, the second version of the game, Monument Valley 2 has made its way to the Google Play Store. In the game, you will guide a mother and child through the world of Mountain Valley.

To complete the adventure, you must manipulate the architecture and understand the geometry of the game. Monument Valley 2 revolves around ‘Ro’ teaching her child about the mysteries of the valley. Since it is a completely new story, you don’t need to play the earlier version of Mountain Valley to understand the game.

The game is globally appreciated for the graphics, movements, and immersive universe. One of the key features of Mountain Valley 2 is the immersive music. The audio is crafted precisely for each level and you get immersive melodies to help you focus on the gameplay.

Not only the audio, but the visuals of the Monument Valley 2 are carefully sculpted. At different levels, you will find the character equation changing and a dynamic interaction with the in-game world. It also uses patterns and geometries to retain attention and allows you to focus.

How to get Mountain Valley 2

Mountain Valley 2 is a premium Android game. It is available on the Google Play Store at a price of Rs. 400. There are many levels to it and the game itself is critically acclaimed for its immersive experience.

Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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