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Google Maps redesign makes it easier to find places around you

Google has revamped its Google Maps app with a new design which makes it easier to find places around you. The search giant has updated driving, navigation, transit and explore maps which will now change according to what you’re doing and what are looking for. The new design of Google Maps will roll out in next few weeks across all the Google products that use Maps.

Google Maps will now also show the places scheduled in Google Calendar and the location of confirmed reservations from your Gmail.

“When you schedule an event using Google Calendar, get a reservation confirmation in Gmail, or add a restaurant to your “Want to Go” list, Google Maps reflects that too,” writes Liz Hunt, Product Manager-Google Maps in the latest blog post.

First of all, they have updated Driving, Navigation, Transit and Explore Maps to highlight the most relevant information. Google updated the color scheme and added new icons to each type of place in the Maps so that you can quickly identify what kind of place you’re looking for. Google has created a cheat sheet of the new colors and icons to help users.

Google Maps

Now, you can easily identify various places like a cafe, hospital, gas station, or a shopping mall in the Maps app. All the places have been divided into categories and they get a designated color and icon to easily identify them. For example, Food and Drink spots get Orange color, Shopping places get Blue, Entertainment/Leisure places get Aqua green color, and outdoor gets Green colors and so on. So, from now on if you’re in a new place and looking for a coffee shop, you would just need to find the nearest orange icon in Maps.

The new design of Google Maps will roll out over the next few weeks across all the Google products. Apart from Google Maps, it will include Google Assistant, Search, Earth, and Android Auto. Moreover, in coming months it will also appear in other apps and websites that use Google Maps APIs as well.

Google always updates its Maps and other apps as per the growing dependency on Maps of its users. Earlier, this month the company also rolled out a new feature to its Google search app and Google Maps that will show estimated wait times for restaurants.


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