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How to check the battery health of your Apple iPhone

After Apple recently admitted that it has been throttling the performance of iPhones with older batteries to prevent unexpected shutdowns, it has become necessary to check your iPhone’s battery health. Checking the battery health of your iPhone isn’t a tough task and in some cases, you don’t even need to visit the Apple Store for the same and you can do it on your own.

It is to be noted here, Apple doesn’t really want your battery to fail the health test in order to make you eligible for the battery replacement which is made cheaper now. However, you can check if your battery performance is more to your satisfaction.

There are a few ways that can tell you how your iPhone battery is performing so that you can go for that battery replacement to prevent the slowdown of your device.

Apple Support app

This is the easiest way to check on your iPhone’s battery health. You will just need to install the official Apple Support app from the App Store. After that sign in with your Apple ID, if required.

Source: CNET

Now, start a chat session with Apple Support. Select the iPhone model you want to have tested. Once you’re connected with a representative, inform that person you want to know the status of your iPhone’s battery health.

Then, you will be walked through the process. The process requires going to Settings > Privacy > Analytics. A few seconds later, a report is sent to the representative to analyze and you can get the result to know if it needs a replacement.

Coconut Battery App

Further, if you want more information than a simple pass or fail test result or don’t feel like asking Apple Support to know your battery’s health, there is this third-party app called Coconut battery. You can install the third-party app and run the test.

Source: CNET

After installing the free version of Coconut Battery, it requires the iOS device to be connected to your Mac via a USB cable. Now, after granting it permission to run on your Mac, click on the iOS device tab, and look at the design capacity of your battery.

If it shows anything under 80-percent, you should get your iPhone battery replaced.

One thing is to be noted here that the app is not available in the App Store and installing apps outside of official store might be risky and you should do this at your own risk.

Apple Store

If you still have questions even after testing your battery via the above methods, you can opt for the usual way to test your battery and visit the Apple store to run this test. The Apple Store has all of the tools and resources required to run a diagnostic test on your phone’s battery. You’ll just need to make an appointment through the Apple Support page and visit the store in person for the test.

Getting battery replacement on your old iPhone models can actually make a lot of difference to the overall performance of the device. It is to be noted here that Apple has recently reduced the battery replacement cost to Rs. 2,000 plus taxes from earlier Rs. 6,000 until December 31, 2018.


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