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Google releases Chrome 64 for Android with audio muting, ad prevention and more

Google has released the latest version of its Chrome browser, i.e., Chrome 64 for Android phones. The mobile browser will be available on Google Play Store over the next few weeks and the newly released browser comes with features like ad prevention and other improvements.

Google launches the stable version of Chrome 64 first for Android phones instead of Mac, Windows, and Linux. The key feature in this release besides ad prevention includes security mitigations, bug fixes, limiting malicious auto redirects and sitewide audio muting.


The latest Chrome browser for Android will stop malicious auto-redirects from third-party content embedded into web pages. The Chrome 64 will block third-party iframes unless users have directly interacted with the iframe. The below info bar will appear when new tabs or windows try to open sites with abusive ad experiences without your permission.

Source: 9to5 Google

Improved Pop-up blocker

Further, the browser also comes with an improved pop-up blocker in version 64. It prevents sites with abusive experiences such as links disguised as easily clicked play buttons and site controls or transparent overlays from opening new tabs or windows.

Audio Muting

Source: 9to5 Google

The Chrome 64 version also adds a new sitewide audio muting setting to stop media autoplay behavior of some sites. Users can head to Settings > Site settings on their Android phones and here they will find a new Sound menu. Users can mute sites from playing audio which is set Allow by default.

Additionally, the new Chrome Home interface features a new explainer that guides users to where downloads, bookmarks, and history have been relocated as part of the bottom bar redesign. The Chrome 64 for Android will release for all users over the next few weeks via the Play Store.


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