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Google Reply brings Smart Reply feature to third party apps

Google Reply is a new app from the Android-maker that brings its Smart Reply feature to third-party apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack and more. The app has been created by the Google developers at Area 120; it has been rolled out today to the people as a beta app.

The Google Reply app uses the Notification Access. The app provides smart replies to the incoming texts; the intelligent answers will be provided in the text’s notification below the actual text. It shows the same messenger app icon in the notification so the user will be aware of the app where he got the message from.

Reply by Google

According to some reports, there are specific apps which are likely to support the Google Reply addon. These apps include; Google Allo, Blackberry Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Kakao, Signal, Telegram, and Wechat. There is nothing official from the Google about this app, but this is clear that the app is still in beta stage and the beta apk already been leaked to some people.

Currently, the Google Reply Beta app can only suggest a reply to some of the conditions like when you are in a vehicle, biking or running. If you are running and someone sends you to text the reply (“your name” is running right now) will be arranged by the app automatically, and you just need to tap the response to send it to them. You can download the Google Reply beta apk from here and test it yourself; Google might soon release the Early Access app to the people.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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