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Google Assistant can now control third party apps using custom commands

Google has been upgrading Google Assistant since since its release, adding several useful new features to its service. Recently, the company rolled out Google Assistant in seven different languages and now after the latest update, developers can create custom commands for Google Assistant, allowing it to control apps using these commands.

The new update is only for the developers who are building new apps so they can create custom commands to integrate Google Assistant with their apps. Google has said in its official blog post that the Assistant Actions will also support “Custom Device Actions” which enables the Assistant to understand the custom voice commands.

How can Google Assistant Custom Commands be useful?

Google Assistant Custom Commands

Google Assistant is now available on lots of devices other than the smartphones and smart speakers. This new feature will enable developers to create some custom commands for Android-based devices. This will enable to do some specific task on the device like you can ask the Assistant to preheat the oven to a particular temperature instead of just turning on the oven.

According to the blog post, users will now be able to do more than just skipping tracks on the Android smartphones. The users will be able to pause or replay media on their smartphones using voice commands. Users will also be able to turn off the display and still be able to listen to the audio. SOme shows like The Daily Show will be having new features for show information and playback.

Users will also get notified when a news is available. Esquire and Forbes are some websites which added the new functionality.


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