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Microsoft Edge browser now available on iPads and Android tablets

Microsoft Edge, the popular web browser from Microsoft, is now available for iPads and Android tablets also. Microsoft Edge is now available as a free download in the Apple Store and Google Play Store for iPad and Android tablet users. And they can experience features like Reading List, New Tab Page, Reading View, and Roaming Passwords on their devices.

Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Edge browser for iOS and Android in a beta preview back in October last year. After that, later in December Microsoft officially released the Edge browser for Android and iOS devices after collecting feedback from beta testers. Now it comes to iPad and Android tablets as well.

Microsoft Edge features

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android brings several familiar features like your Favourites, Reading List, New Tab Page, Reading View, and Roaming Passwords. Also, no matter which Windows device you are using the browser on, you can carry with the same on another Windows device. So, Microsoft Edge really standouts with the ability to continue on your PC.

Another new feature is ‘Roaming Passwords’, so users can save a new password on their phone, and it can follow them on their PC as well. Further, there is a new Dark theme and users can now enjoy the popular theme on their phone, in addition to the Windows PC.

On the language and availability, Microsoft Edge for iOS is available in the United States (English), China (Simplified-Chinese), France (French) and the UK (English). For Android, it is available in the United States (English), Australia (English), Canada (English and French), China (Simplified-Chinese), France (French), India (English) and the UK (English).

Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, Windows, said,

We are committed to empowering people and organizations to achieve more. And Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android is another step in that journey. While we’re excited to remove the preview label along with the download restrictions, we are more excited about all that’s ahead. We have a long list of new features to build and improvements to make.”


Satyendra Pal Singh

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